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Friday, July 5, 2013

MinSul is Back! To The Beautiful You Interview with Minho and Sulli

Just around this time of the year when MinSul made me spazz so much and made me a shipper! The chemistry of these couple are so amazing, you just can't keep your grins under control. And then, I remember what's it's like to be young and fresh and in love.

TTBY gave all these to me and more. I remember friendships through thick and thins. I remember pains of first love.

Through all these, Minho and Sulli gave the best portrayals to the characters of Tae Joon and Jae Hee. Not only did they gave me reasons to be glued to the screen, they are a sight whenever they fill the screen.

And to all who believes something is there than meets the eye, well, you know guys what I am talking about. The after TTBY events, the succeeding shows like RM..SM entertainment truly did not disappoint us.

Another look at our MinSul through this TTBY interview.

ENJOY and I know just seeing them together sitting side by side on the same screen will make you scream! Yah! No one is stopping you girls!


cre: James Jung @YT

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