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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Empire of Gold In It's Last Few Episodes

Just some thoughts I want to share with you.

I know we praise the drama, but somehow, it lacks visuals that we should have seen. Yes it's a different genre, it tackles about ins and outs of business, but the scenarios are limited to offices, house, and the fave park. Even TJ's family didn't have enough airtime and how's life developing around them. I know this is more focused on the CHOI family, still, I think there should have been more than the cycle it has shown for the last 20 episodes. 

It doesn't hurt to see a relaxed TJ or SY outside of the office. It's as if every moment they are all tensed and waiting for the next move of the other party. Dialogues are great. But as a serious drama, this one really takes the number one spot. How the family lived all their lives seating on edge, always planning something against one another... we have been shown how tricky/calculating/devious each character are and this is somehow a disappointment for me as a viewer. That's why I am really looking forward to it's ending. Is there something out there to make me feel positive about life or should I just look at it as grimly as this drama is in it's final episodes?

Anyway, I believe in family and it's what made me start watching EOG, coz the first few episodes squeezed my heart and made an easy connection on me as a viewer. So watching the last scenes in episode 20 gave me that feeling of how a family should be in the midst of crisis/sibling rivalry coz at the end of the day, no matter how suffocating it is, it's family that will make us one and depend on. I'm sorry, I can't say it's backstabbing anyone, TJ for instance as what most TJ supporters felt that time, but it's an impulse of protecting the family as an  institution.

 This part somehow made me smile, coz it is what that scene is really parting it's viewers. 

EOG will only have 4 episodes and these will be the highlight of the drama. Will there be an ultimate winner? Will finding that power bring happiness to one's soul? 


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