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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Master's Sun - Joo Jung Won Confessed to Tae Gong Shil

Episode 10

I love this episode! The ending is just perfect! Joo Jung Won confessed to his Tae Yang aka Tae Gong Shil. he came back from a week long business meeting in China with a fiance by his side, making Gong Shil speechless and surprised. She did not know it was an arrange engagement and there will be no wedding in the future. But of course, after the business end has been meet and the two decided to separate ways and broke off the fake engagement.

Even befor Jung Won went to China he left a necklace to a ghost that always sit near a tracsh bin in one of the places inside Kingdom. A very cute way of handing his gift to Gong Shil. He has been feeling differently towards her but of course won't accept it or is hesitant. 

Now that he has confessed, what would be Gong Shil's answer? I hope she will accept and not be too logical. She has to take her chances. 

In episode 9, without her knowledge while her body was being invaded by a ghost, the wife of the pianist, this ghost mocked JW and asked him if he wanted to now Gong Shil's secret. JW was too scared to know he declined.

and to make the ghost leave GS, JW kissed her.

She did not even know this happened.:)

Gong Shil's secret...

This drama is full of romance despite some scary looking ghost  appearing once in a while. Every episode do not disappoint in delivering cute scenes.

JJW and TGS romance maybe starting but a new twist will rock the drama. A new character is going to shake the couple. JJW's past will soon catch up and his questions will soon be answered. 

Looking forward for more next week.

for more screen caps on episode 10

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