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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Empire of Gold - Kim Mi Sook as Han Jung Hee..the Hated Villain in the Drama Suffered from Dementia

I just finished watching episode 19 of Empire of Gold. I want to share some thoughts about this woman who created havoc, chaos and further division in the CHOI siblings. Without her hate and her character, maybe the drama will be a little less interesting, but because of her presence, it made for a dramatic throwing of dialogues between the heroin Choi Seo Yoon and her, Han Jung Hee.

Kim Mi Sook played the role perfectly. It fits her amazingly. Her smiles, her low toned voice that could put anyone to sleep is so opposite of her real personality/character played as Han Jung Hee.

Very misleading if one will only look at the surface.

Most of us [well all of us] hate HJH but in ep 19 i want to say that ..

[again] really, she is a tough one. courageous even. 
1. spending her 30 years beside a man she harbors revenge but smiled all those years
2. telling without fear that she has dementia and will soon loose her memory 6 months the most to her enemies

For a villain, she played her character with class and made all the viewers hate her. As a mom, she can't simply put her son,  SJ, above all else. So in that department, she failed miserably. As a woman, she is exemplary in keeping her love to her first husband, but that same love put pain in her son's heart. She walked away from the CHOI household she considered her prison for the last 30 years. But before doing that, her last gifts were the shares she has and divided to the siblings and spouses. As she has mentioned, she needed to honor her promise to CDS and those shares made the family even divided and greed more.

 What a way to exit. She has done what she could. What she must.

I want to read beyond what she told/asked SY about her living with CDS and SY living with TJ. They almost have the same fate. Almost but not the same. HJH carried a bitter resentment towards her husband but in TJ case, SY entered the deal with open mind. The answer to SY's own question was,  how HJH felt living with CDS, or/maybe HJH wished SY currently feels what she had. She maybe wishing that hell is already with SY.

But then HJH is wrong. SY could easily mistake her fate as the same with HJH but it's not. SY could destroy TJ with a vengeance if she wants, too, but what's inside her heart is not those strong feelings. It's all about business and protecting the company within the family.

I was waiting for HJH to realize something when she got ill. That she will somehow hear SungJae pleas. Most often people who are in their final days would consider/contemplate their actions and be wise enough to right some wrongful doings they had in the past, just like uncle Choi Dung Jin. But she kept her plans. a pity, coz she has a wonderful son and she did not choose to enjoy her last moments with him smiling and laughing and freeing her heart with negative feelings. She may have avenged her husband, but she will certainly regret the things her son has been enduring all these years.

 But then again, thanks to dementia, she won't know them ever.

Life is still good to her. Loosing unwanted memories and living the last days of her life without them is like heaven.

I guess the writer created her and at the same time loved her.

We don't like her one bit, still, she has left a strong impression as a villain. 

A villain played with so much class you know every smile and looks are all but a sham.


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