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Thursday, September 12, 2013

[Ep. 21 & 22] Empire of Gold - Jang Tae Joo Fighting The Odds

The fight to own the company solely is on and Jang Tae Joo is not backing out but pushing with all his power even against the entire family. 

In episode 21, TJ continue to say that he will divorce Seo Yoon during breakfast in the presence of the family, still he is not moving out. He has not anticipated the move of the siblings to be a family again and as one against him. Won Jae and the rest asked him to reconsider his plans of divorce and fight within the family, but he is adamant to end the farce marriage.

I read some comments that TJ looked a pitiful guy being treated as an outsider by the CHOI but what did he expect, that the siblings will take his side against his wife? He has always treated each like lows of the lows, bugs and monster in the forest, so I  it's only even if he will feel the same from that house. He never considered himself a part of the family, so no surprise there if they look at him as someone who came from the ghetto.

His continuing association with Seol Hee and his promise to her always take a back seat and always asked her to wait for him. He told her how he will conquer SJG with his own hands. He doesn't even realize how greediness is eating him alive.

TJ is planning to buy half of Sung Jin Cement shares to proceed his fight for the company. He was ahving difficulties of getting some backings from the people on the company because they all worked for the CHOI's and loyalty is hard to break.

He visited Han Jung Hee in the hospital and promised to let Sung Jae out of jail if she supports him. He even told her about how he was the one who killed congressman Kim.

He began buying parcels of lands again to build a new city surrounding the Han River, but the center of the land surrounding the ones he bought belongs to Min Jae as part of Sung Jin. And Min Jae is not selling. TJ backed Min Jae in the corner with documents that will make him go to prison but still he chose jail than selling the land.

Won Jae became the next target, and as TJ predicted the family doesn't want WJ to go in prison. SY begged MJ to let TJ have the land.

Episode 22

Won Jae chose to be imprisoned, MJ sold the lots and TJ goes ahead with his plans.

TJ is smart but I said before SY is always one step ahead of him. While TJ is planning, SY already know what she will do to block the plans. SY laid a trap for TJ, making it appear the company is also constructing on the adjacent land and bidding high enough for TJ to get the bait. He was neck deep in loans and there is financial crisis ahead.

As always, TJ doesn't know when to stop. he will always be that guy who will go forward even to the ends of the world, even cliff as SY has laid out for him just to make his point, continue his fight/battle even if the odds are zero. Isn't it just to egoistic.

 What happens after he hit bottom rock, nowhere to go, still he can't let himself loose made him consumed with so much anger and greed to fight the odds.

And then there's HJH who will withdraw her support and give to Min Jae once his promised can't be delivered. And it was associated to his construction where backers are withdrawing, and no money to payoff the tenants.

 TJ went crazy prowling the room back and forth like a caged tiger wanting to unleash his madness...yup, that was one scary scene and he did justice to that suppressed emotion/anger eating his entire being by the knowledge that he was cornered and he had no other choice but to do the thing he promised he won't do. 

What's more, he will eat his own words!

He just ordered PD to demolished the buildings with his guys. the same fate his father had.

TJ is fighting the odds. And the love line between him and SY is impossible.

TJ and SY too absorb in one another's strategy, I can't see any respect towards each other. Sarcasm and mockery laced every words just to have the final say. There's no way they can start a relationship even after a time jump, they hurt each other so much already.

Maybe TJ will win this round, be able to buy half of SJ cement with the profits he will have, but at what cost? If he killed Kim coz of self defense, this time the casualties can be considered murder coz he pushed through with plans knowing what could possibly happen to the tenants. 

A pity. He became the monster in the forest. 

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