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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 11 and 12 - Kim Do Han and Cha Yoon Seo Sunbae/Hoobae Relationship Getting Better

Because I ship these two, I love capturing moments with them in Good Doctor. I know it may not come true, but who knows, maybe the writer will let me have my happy ending with DH and YS together.:))

While Yoon Seo is embarrassed every time Do Han teases her of her feelings to him long ago, I feel as if she still treasure that feelings inside her. She is just to preoccupied and she knows that he is in a relationship with Chae Kyung, although Do Han told her of their little misunderstanding. Not the whole story but just that he is keeping his distance from his fiancee.

Glad that Kim Do Han and Cha Yoon Seo are becoming closer like they used to be as sunbae/hoobae. Love their conversations. Is Kim Do Han fallin in love with the beautiful Cha Yoon Seo? His temporary separation with Chae Kyung gives him more time to spend with Yoon Seo. He feels comfortable around her.
Love the development so far of their relationship.

Kim Do han and Cha Yoon Seo...fighting!
omo! i may just be the only one fighting for this couple! kekekeke....

well...gwenchana! I still like Park Si On, but mianhae, I am excited by the atmosphere around Kim Do Han and Cha Yoon Seo. 

I capture every scenes in episode 11 and 12

For those who love Do Han and Yoon Seo moments, here are the captures.

let's feast our eyes on this cute couple.


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  1. ya mslee Sunbae, I thought you were pro SO-YS...hahaha... awwwww Prof Dohan did that abrupt twist again during the bowling scene...kyaaa <3<3<3 ...eh but on second thought, I think Prof is still deeply in love with the CK. IMHO, You dont gaze and deep sigh at a woman like that (the scene where he bump with her again) unless you love her. Funny that I didnt have negative feelings for CK even from the start, probably because I have lovely memories of her on Sungkyunkwan Scandal (thought I didnt finish watching all of it, just read the recaps hahaha). Shes really elegant and charming isnt she?
    Back to our Dr God Given Body... Im hoping her feelings for SO will progress Sunbae ! looking forward to the scene where she leaned on SO like in the poster ...<3<3
    We find a really great cast here right Sunbae, I hope they will win something later this year.... all characters complement each other really well !

    ps : im gonna call you Sunbae from now on mslee hehehe.. you and all bloggers around the world.. respect to you for maintaining a blog, I tried twice.. didnt even past my 100 days ...hahahah Sunbae Fighting !

  2. lol! as always you made me laugh, grin while reading your comments. yeah, unfortunately, I am hoping for a DH/YS love story. but of course, i love park Si On, who wouldn't? maybe I really love Joo Sang Wook's smiles and heart melting stares, even his frowns makes me giddy! hahahaha..
    yup, you can call me sunbae, pretty sure I'm older than you.:))
    anyway, whatever, whoever YS ended up with, i'm gonna be okay with it, then of course, I'll have Do Han to myself!
    CK is okay, glad that her character is not the evil one..hehehe...yup love her in SKKS, but hate and pity her in TMETS... :)