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Monday, January 27, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 7 Can We Love - Do Young and Ji Hyun Passionate Elevator Kiss!

Omo! Omo! This is a surprise scene, chincha! I know both have feelings for each other but between the two, I think Do Young is the one who wants to get back to Ji Hyun if he will be given the chance. But never really anticipate that Ji Hyun will loose control of her feelings, seeing how she is trying to protect her "perfect" family.

Do Young was invited by Ji Hyun's husband over their house again. Both men shared a drink while Ji Hyun in the kitchen. Gyu Sik, the husband was drunk and Ji Hyun helped him lie on their bed. She escorted/walked Do Young to elevator but then all pent up emotions suddenly erupted!

The passionate kiss happened between them!

Screen caps...

The last scene tonight. She was left inside the elevator and she slid down, suddenly weak at what happened. Whatever she is feeling after, it might be mixed emotions. Shocked at what she has done or regret that she kissed him. Maybe feeling she'll be in a more difficult situation now that she knew she really loves Do Young and she is already married!

And the episode keeps surprising me!


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