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Monday, January 27, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Can We Love Episode 7 Screen caps + Highlights

Tonight's episode is another surprising one. Love the writer for giving me reasons to stay and watch.

Some highlights only.

1. Jung Wan and her family finally moved back to their house. She was so happy when she received the phone call about it. The cute scene was Kyung Soo dropped by and stayed. He and her mother seemed to get along. He helped fix the windows. He stayed to eat meals with them.

2.  The funny scenes were when Kyung Soo and Jung Wan tripped again and the mother found the two on top of each other on the couch! lol! They scrambled on their feet, as if caught doing something.

3.Sun Mi and Yoon Seok talked. They seemed not getting along on something, he walked out on her.

4. The most surprising scenes are of course the elevator kiss of Do Young and Ji Hyun. She walked him to the elevator then suddenly the passionate kiss. 

The story is getting more complicated. I wonder where the kiss will lead Ji Hyun and Do Young's relationship. 

Screen caps

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