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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Greatest Marriage Episode 10 Screen caps Review

Highlights and thoughts...

1. Media people were at the hospital taking pictures of the mother and child. Gi Young protected her baby and told them not to take photos. Eun Cha made the statements for her and using the opportunity to make himself good in front of the camera by stating that he will now protect Gi Young and he will be a supporter of all women particularly mothers. This guy has not completely turned a new leaf, maybe it would take more time for someone like him who has been a jerk from the beginning. Anyhow, he has been a tremendous help on Gi Young's giving birth and taking care of her during those hours.

2. About the same time, at another hospital Myung Yi is sleeping. Tae Yeon is feeling frustrated. He lost a child as he gain another outside marriage. This weakling is feeling trapped in his own choices. But then I think just like Myung Yi is using him as she has honestly told him, he is also using her to hurt Gi Young. But regarding Myung Yi, I don't think that she is grieving for the miscarriage only because her ticket to a secure future is lost, but I think as a human being, and as a future mother which she chose to be, there should be some emptiness inside as well as failure for losing the baby. I won't be harsh in judging this girl for her greed because she certainly cried with all her heart as she kneel ed and bowed at the place where women sought for peace after miscarriage.

3. Myung Yi chose to pretend that she was okay, by inviting Tae Yeon for a drink just after she was discharged from the hospital. She eve congratulated him for his child by Gi Young, But when he left her at the restaurant she boldly went to other men's table and when one took advantage of her, she fought back. She is not fine. She is losing her grip on herself. She ought to feel insane, she lost her baby.

4. It is maddening how the society treats Gi Young for being single and a mother at the same time. As if she has a disease that is contagious. Even her child is being isolated from other new infants. People are so judging and malicious and hypocrite, particularly women in this hospital that belong to wealthy families. Gi Young was so furious she opted to discharged herself and the baby that moment.

5. But her battle for having a baby did not end there. At home, her mother visited her after abandoning her. She brought seaweed soup. But then, she is still disappointed with her and ashamed of her. She even tried to [kidnap] take away her child without her consent. She ran after her and forcefully took her baby. Her mother was begging her to register the baby in her brother's name and she will take care of it in their hometown, so she can have a fresh start. Ah, this mother is seriously irritating. I mean, where is her instinct to protect a child? She should have by now understood Gi Young and if can not lend her support then just stay away and let her do what she wants. I think, this kind of attitude still do happen in provinces, in rural areas where people tend to gossip and still has that conservative outlook in life. I don't judge being conservative because I know most families would want a better if not the very best for their children. I also know how it is to grow up in a family with high moral standards. But in this case, the mistake or choice has been made. As Gi Young had said, it is not because she don't want to get married, she could not. It was the circumstances brought upon by what happened in Park household. How she was insulted by that family. She chose to stand by her decision not to be a part of Tae Yeon's life and his insane, arrogant and hypocrite family.

6. The writer really wants Gi Young to feel alone by creating meetings with Tae Yeon and Myung Yi at the elevator. He told her mockingly that he expects her to be his mistress as what the waiver/contract said when he signed it. Tae Yeon is acting a jerk and detestable. I know he does not love Myung Yi and they have a compromise about their marriage, but letting her hear this kind of conversation between him and Gi Young is so disrespectful of him. How can I like him when he keeps being this immature man? The least he can do for Myung Yi who he is also using is to keep at least her pride in front of Gi Young. I know she has been nasty towards Gi Young but I am pointing out Tae Yeon and her mutual understanding which should at least have some decency between them. Gi Young answered him back that what love she has for him are now gone and solely transferred to her child, meaning she won't do as she was told and left the elevator soon after Myung Yi walked out. Tae Yeon was left with nothing and no one as he cried inside the elevator. 

7. On some other characters, Na Yeon Hee and Kim Joon Young have gone from being friends into taking their relationship one step farther. They kissed. And I think they deserve it particularly Yeon Hee. She should find a respectable man who would love her and protect her and even care for her daughter. 

8. Sun Nyeo and Pedro are like calm and violent. She even reported him to the police that he hit Eun Cha. But then humorously, he counter attack by giving her name as his guardian. She has no reason not to go to the police station. Even Eun Cha who did not press charges was asked to be there. Eun Cha who had been so scared of her told Pedro that he was used. Well, Pedro seemed not to think so. When Eun Cha and Sun Nyeo are both glaring and exchanging words, he stepped in and took her side. In the end they both stayed in the prison to be detained.  But then, it was a moment for Sun Nyeo to realize that she must move on and not make her mistake from the past eat her self esteem and make her do foolish things just to get even. The cute part, Pedro is going for his military enlistment and she meet him to say goodbye. Pedro even kissed her. I like Pedro. He is so cool and I think he is not only smart but he is a responsible man who is never swayed by money.

9. There is a saying, "You can't have your cake and eat it too." I think this best describe what happened to Gi Young's choices. She doesn't want to take the full leave because she needed a job. She left her baby to a baby sitter and went to work. But when she was in the middle of reporting, she received a call that her baby has fever and the sitter is in a panic. She then becomes anxious. Eun Cha tired to calm her telling her she can not leave and if she leaves, she won't be able to come back. She chose to leave.

I say you can't have your cake and eat it too, is because, being a single mother that she decided to be, no one stood by her side. She is all alone. She loves her baby and she loves and needs her work. But at the moment, she can't have both. Either she takes care of her child or she stays as the top announcer in her place at the news station. It's a tough job, keeping both. One must be sacrificed for the betterment of the other. There is no choice to make. Between work and her baby, a mother would definitely run towards her child.

I love how the President echoed this statement. About it is not a handicap being a mother. At least, he understands.

10. Tae Yeon went to hunt a wild boar. But something went wrong. The boar charged towards him and it was too late to take the shot. 

The preview showed that time will pass so quickly. I still wonder how the title Greatest Marriage will show in this drama. Or should I guess that being a mother to her child is the greatest union/alliance/partnership there is that is greater than marriage. I hope for a romance at least between Eun Cha and Gi Young. But it has now reached the 10th episode. I am skeptical if there will be romance anymore. i am not hoping for a Tae Yeon/Gi Young reconciliation. I think by now, Myung Yi has been working hard to be accepted by his family. And seeing she is doing her best, I should at least give her credit for her work and dedication. Her ambition/greed maybe a part of it but at least she is not taking the easy way. Both Gi Young and Myung Yi have chosen their own paths. One can be considered a heroin for her principles and the other an opportunist but I think both will find answers at the end of this story if their choices made them a better person or brought them unhappiness.

It can be easily pointed out that Myung Yi will have the tough ending but I want the writer to make an ending that will open her eyes for her to learn. Just like Eun Cha should have by now learned from his mistakes.

Six more episodes and hoping there will be a good twist in coming episodes. Enough of Gi Young crying. Hoping to see her smiling and confident as ever.


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