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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Episodes 7 and 8 Highlights

I never expected that I would really anticipate this drama every weekend. I thought this will be just one those stories that I'll be watching in between dramas on weekdays while waiting for subs. But no, this one is turning out to be good and I am actually looking forward to the romance part, although there is none yet between Soo In and Woo Seok. I was surprised at how their scenes together have that extra special chemistry even if they only look at each other and started off at the wrong foot so to speak. They have not even realized yet that they like each other other than teacher/student in baking class inside the prison. But then, chincha! The baking lessons part in the episodes is what I most anticipate to watch.

So I guess, this early, I am rooting hard for this couple already. The spark is already there. It just needs a little more fire to ignite the flames.

Episode 7 started from the factory with Soo In facing her husband's family and could not control her emotions any longer. She threw bread at the Chairman not scared of the consequences. The Chairman and his entourage left the factory, very angry towards Joo Hee who did not foresee this kind of scenario. She thought Soo In is in another prison.

While the rest of the family, Do Jin and Park Won Jae the brother-in-law smirked at Joo Hee for her mistake. Inside the factory, during that heated moment between Soo In and the Chairman, Bok Nyeo recognized both them. She asked the Chairman and Aeng Ran if they remember her but they evaded her.

Mi O's child is being transferred to a facility. She cried as she parted with her child. Her three cellmates comforted her to give her strength to endure the separation. They promised her that anyone of them who will go out first will look after the child for her.

Joo Hee drank in company of Woo Seok. She was so disappointed with herself for what happened earlier. She told Woo Seok about it but not the whole story. Woo Seok decided to tell her about Soo In being his student but then she fell asleep. He drove her home, not enthusiastic though. Joo Ran run into them at the gates and told him to back away from her sister in which in turn he answered back that he is not interested.

Soo In was confined in a solitary cell because of what happened at the factory. She would be there in a few days, alone. 

Joo Ran is meeting a younger guy and having a good time with him. She is fooling her husband. Ah, this woman is nothing but trouble.

The baking lessons continue. Woo Seok found out Soo In would not be able to join the lessons for s few days. [This man missed the girl. :)) ]  Anyway, the gangster's wife /ahjumma is becoming the entertainer of this drama. Her crazy and stubborn actions are a source of fun and she sure is always putting Woo Seok in his place but in the end, she could not win against him.

Woo Seok visited Soo In bringing the baked breads by her cellmates. His actions were unexpected but appreciated. He told her to learn how to bake and catch up on missed lessons as his excuse for seeing her.

Meanwhile Do Jin and Mr. Tak exchanged places whenever Do Jin has a blind date. While Joo Ran was caught in a situation with her boyfriend and was on news. The Chairman was so mad for her exploits. Joo Ran's husband decided to leave and announced that he will divorced his wife.

The cute part was when Woo Seok was getting his little angel to sleep, they felt the cold air inside the room. When he was about to close the window, he thought of Soo In alone in the solitary cell. Out of nowhere, she pops on his mind.

Days passed by and then another baking lesson day and Soo In now joined the group. She baked a cake. They all baked a cake. They gathered at the table with Woo Seok and wished for something.

Bok Nyeo's release came. The three women who became like daughters to her were both sad and happy to see her leave. She leave them with good advise and that they should keep in touch. Woo Seok's father-in-law was sop excited at the gate waiting for Bok Nyeo. She will live with him and his family.

The unexpected visitor came for Soo In. her brother-in-law, Joo Ran's husband came and asked her to join him in destroying the Ma family.


The camaraderie that the women developed inside the prison are now tight. Enough to call them friends who can trust each other. I like the bickering between ahjumma 911 and Poong Geum. They bring laughter in me as I watch them fight. Actually the ahjumma is like a dog, all bark but her bites are not really scary. I found Joo Ran more irritating than the ahjumma. Her arrogance is so over the top yet when she was found out with another guy, she wailed like a spoiled brat to her mother.

There is something mysterious about the relationship between the Chairman and Aeng Ran and Bok Nyeo. She said Aeng Ran used to board in her house. But what's the deal that Chairman is a little bit bothered by her and Aeng Ran sure wants to avoid her. Very fishy considering that the Chairman is a friend with Bok Nyeo's husband.

I am disliking Joo Hee for always coming after Woo Seok. He clearly treats her as a friend only. But of course, the way Woo Seok care enough to visit Soo In and think of her  is very satisfying for a viewer like me who is waiting patiently for the romance part to start.


Episode 8

If Park Won Jae thinks that Soo In will grab his hands and join him to destroy the Ma family, he can think again. She declined the offer even if he told her that he has the documents to prove that she was fooled and that the money and stock transfer she signed was not legal. She told him she would take care of her revenge her own way.

of course, Won Jae is a douchebag, a weakling. He then went to the company and talked to the Chairman, Guess he has nowhere to go but to take back his words. But then he made a deal with the Chairman in exchanged for what he knew. He became the Chief Director. Joo Ran cried when she saw her husband came home. 

Bok Nyeo was so grateful for the warm welcome she received from woo Seok's family. HIs father-in-law was so happy he told him to stop acting like a boy. At the hotel restaurant, he thought of Soo In again and could not hide his smiles. His colleagues noticed and when asked what was about his smiles, he was surprised that he was smiling. He denied but it was a lie.

The cute part is that 911 ahjumma became the new cellmate of the three women. It was like a bad omen for Poong Geum but then they tolerated her. The ahjumma is like a child, always stealing something from Poong Geum but I think she is just like a child, wanting attention. They realized she could not read and that she is lying about being rich. At the end of the day, they settled comfortably with each other.

Joo Hee went to see Woo Seok's family again with gifts. Bok Nyeo thought she is the fiancee but the little girl, Byeol butted in and said that she is not her father's type. She went out, Woo Seok coming after her. He told her not to wait for him even if she insisted that she would. She went home with a broken heart.

Soo In asked Woo Seok to help to become a certified baker. He told her to write a letter of apology to him and send it to his address. She was confused but that was his condition. She wrote to him a letter even though she did not know what to write. But her letter put a smile in Woo Seok's face that got his colleagues at the kitchen teasing him about a woman. Joo Hee came and he hid the letter from her. She talked to him again about her feelings and that she would wait however long it takes for him to want to start a relationship again. He again advised her not to wait but she begged him.

Bok Nyeo and Aeng Ran talked. She asked Aeng Ran to help Soo In because she is like a daughter and that she is innocent. Aeng Ran told her not to interfere and not to find her again. 

Soo In continues her class in baking. Once when she sprinkled flour on her bread, some went to Woo Seok's face. In vengeance, he also splashed flour in her face which. It was like they were a couple playing and the other two inmates learning baking teased them. They stopped feeling awkward. Days passed and Soo In received her certification from Woo Seok. The ahjumma together with the rest of the inmates in the class started singing and dancing holding Woo Seok. Soo In was the only one who did not join and laughed as she watched Woo Seok having fun.

As a token of gratitude, Soo In gave Woo Seok a plant. He then told her to start her life over again and forget the past. I think by this time, they have been a little comfortable already with each other. They parted but he turned back for another look before going away.

The day came when the three women will be finally released. The ahjumma would be left alone but then they said that they will keep in touch and that she take care of herself. Stepping outside the gates feels like freedom again. They gaze at the star in the sky looking forward to a new start.


Glad that the story did not drag. Soo In is now free and can start her life again. I hope she starts it without the thought of revenge first, It can wait. But the teaser for next week showed that she went home to her in-law's house. I wonder what is in her head. But I hope she will not live there. 

I am waiting for her to visit Bok Nyeo, see Byeol and Woo Seok. I want the romance to start. There will surely be a tense atmosphere with Joo Hee once she see Woo Seok notice Soo In. The Ma family will not treat her any better now that she is released. I think she will go there to visit her mother-in-law who likes her. 

Will she start her own bakery or will she work at the hotel together with Woo Seok? Now, this is going to be interesting.


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