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Monday, November 17, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Misaeng Episodes 9 and 10 Review - Keep Calm..That's How You Do It

This is the new character that disrupted the harmony and good atmosphere of Sales Team 3. Mr. Park was a sudden and unexpected addition to the team as a promised reward for a job well done on previous episode. And looking at Mr. Oh's expression, seeing this man spells TROUBLE! No, sorry, this is not a welcome addition to the group. This is not the reward he is awaiting. This is definitely a moment that Mr. Oh thought, "Oh hell!" 

The best strategy this week's episodes show is the phrase "keep calm". Geu Rae realized from the first moment he laid eyes on him that the best thing to do is stay calm and sooner the one provoking the situation will feel anxious, enough to get anyone on his nerves. And that's how you do it to someone like Mr. Oh.

What happened in episode 9?  The Chief pushed Mr. Park on Mr. Oh's team, disregarding their feelings about Mr. Park's reputation. It's not all bad, because he has been one of the most successful to bring money to the company. He is a legend. But that's where it started.

Just seeing his face and his taunting smirks can really make the viewer in me detest this man. His aura tells that he is up to no good. And he did not waste time degrading and insulting Geu Rae about his educational attainment. The way he put him down makes other team look and feel awful yet they stayed quiet. Even Dong Sik and perhaps Mr. Oh tried hard to control their emotions seeing how Geu Rae stayed still in front of Mr. Park as he took all the insults about his capability silently. I like how Geu Rae can be very patient. He is not the type to be ruled by emotions. He can hide what he feels and let his opponent goes on with his moves. He bids his time, reading his opponent. In this case, it is Mr. Park. Not really an opponent but someone who he can not just simply talk back to as a sunbae. The best way is to ignore what he heard and move on as if nothing happened.

Mr. Park besides being an irritating arrogant individual is also a jerk who insinuates malicious sexual innuendos towards female co workers. The way he stares is very disgusting. He also skips works, going to saunas or plays pool while making Geu Rae bring him his shoes. He  uses his connections at the office to show that he is some kind of untouchable.

While Geu Rae knew what to do, his co trainees are also having their own miseries. Baek Ki who wants to leave is bidding his time waiting for the interview. He has not yet realized that being impatient equals to arrogance and ignorance. He saw how Young Yi is being treated by her team, running errands for them and cleaning after them. But it is her way  to show that she is willing to do what her superior thinks she is capable of doing to not step on his ego. Young Yi has chosen a defense that somehow closer to Geu Rae's ignoring Mr. Park and staying calm. In doing so, her boss becomes more irritated with her for being obedient to all errands. While Suk Yool who has been a bright and carefree trainee all this time finally has something to complain about. Well, his superior is making him do even his own work which adds burden to Suk Yool making him lose sleep and tired, when his superior slacks off from work. When he complained. he sounded as if he was getting ahead as a newbie.

The twist came on Baek Ki's impatience. While his superior is out doing something the opportunity to show his skills came. He was asked to write a summary and make a chart to explain well their team's project plan for approval. Reluctantly, he finished the task but surprisingly, it was rejected and came back for revision. This is the dawning moment for Baek Ki and his capability so far. Good thing Mr. Oh told him what to do and pointed out what he had done wrong which can be easily righted. Just like what his superior had told him then, he does not have the basics and what he learned from seminars, he disregarded them. Like the way he made the chart, he followed what he thinks it should be not what the company uses and he also did not know what is lacking in the report he did. He realizes that what he arrogantly told his superior about knowing already, when in fact he really is a beginner and needs to learn each step to finally be able to show his abilities. He now understood.

Young Yi was asked to check on the shipment because it is urgent. But when she came down to the factory there was a boycott. She insisted to make the transfer of the supplies with Suk Yool who came with her after being fed up with work. They had to make more than a couple round trips to complete the transfer. When her superior realized that she was still out in the middle of the night, he was so angry he asked her to come at the office and scolded her more not even appreciating her hard work. This is the result of his actions towards her. She worked hard for what is asked of her. Behind that anger, I could understand why he was so harsh because there was guilt nagging inside him. I wonder when will he concede defeat to Young Yi? Or will his ego not be able to realize he is wrong? Young Yi cried.

Mr. Oh decided to ignore Mr. Park and told him to proceed with his work. He already has in mind the perfect project that will earn money for the company. But then there is something fishy although very subtle in the plan. Mr. Oh is feeling anxious about it. There was a big margin of profit and he knows full well that it can not be disregarded even if the plan is already approved. He asked Geu Rae and Dong Sik to go and investigate  the company that has transaction with the project. Of course, Mr. Park was there. Seeing them he knew already that he was caught. But he insisted on saying that all is fine and he will talk to them outside. Dong Sik remained firm not moving away. Mr. Park got angry, even bribed him. But Mr. Oh already told the Chief about it and for awhile it seemed that he would asked Mr. Oh to stay put. But in the end, auditors came to the company.

The papers can easily be manipulated and what is presented looks clean. But this is where Mr. Park is wrong about Geu Rae. He fired so many insults to his abilities and lack of education, even when he asked him about work and about the word meanings when they were at the office then and when Geu Rae answered them correctly, he called him arrogant. Now, he is faced with Gue Rae's quick and well thought intelligence. When among the team of auditors together with Mr. Oh and Dong Sik escaped what is obvious in a sure illegal doings, Geu Rae who sought the help of Baek Ki to check on something realized and knew that the company owner is Mr. Park himself with other name as James Park on the paper. He uses his own company to deal with transactions with One International to gain more profit. His greed is suddenly exposed by a newbie, someone he thinks is not deserving to be working on the same company as him.

Geu Rae' strategy worked. By keeping his cool, he was able to assess, provoke and irritate Mr. Park. Because he thinks no one would realize what he is up to, he let his guard down thinking he can manipulate people. He judged Geu Rae based on something he heard. Now, he was the one caught doing shameful. It was all,because of greed and principles that was set aside.

The drama is a real as the world is. There are mistakes and reasons why it happens. The characters are showing vulnerable sides and how it affect them with choices they make. In this week's episodes, Baek Ki learned more as Geu Rae continue to use his knowledge of Baduk and apply them on what's facing him, He is not the only one learning in his team, but even Mr. Oh and Dong Sik as they get to know him better.

Is Mr. Park's case close? I dread what's next. I hope it won't bounced back on Team 3. Because most of the times, they are recipient of bad results however they try so hard to work honestly.


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