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Thursday, November 27, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Greatest Marriage Episode 11 Review


Three years had already passed. Life goes on for Gi Young, but it is getting harder and harder. She is still with the company after walking out from news 3 years ago, but she is now a field reporter. Like I said, it is hard to keep both, her job and taking care of Cha Dan. Although the child is already going to daycare, he is her priority even if it conflicts with her work.

I can't blame her colleagues for not wanting to work with her anymore. She has her own reasonable alibi for skipping early from work and they have their own legitimate reason, also because, work is work. And when work rely on her, she should be able to give her time and attention. She is beginning to make her team frustrated for not being able to put 100% of her capability and in the end, usually chooses to run towards her son. A working mother without anyone to rely on is seriously tough, just as Gi Young is experiencing now.

She is on the top list of worker whose performance is at it's lowest. It can be a reason to sack her from the company. The company is also suffering set backs financially and needs to pull out some people. She was given her last paycheck.  

Myung Yi has been a so far a good daughter-in-law, working hard for the family despite Tae Yeon's absence.His father thought he is studying abroad, but in fact he is touring the world to learn more cuisine and only corresponds with Myung Yi through photos via SNS. I should give credit to Myung Yi for getting the approval of both in laws, seeing how they warmed on her. But then, I am again disturbed by her thoughts regarding Gi Young's son. Maybe because she has not conceived again, because Tae Yeon is nowhere, but she is beginning to get paranoid as Dan grows up resembling his father more and more. She is even hiring a man to stalk the child and capture some photos. I am amazed at how the writer made her scheme more after she got to where she wanted, in Park household. After the short glimpse of humanity in her, she is back to this evil person. Jealous and envious of Gi Young. I do hope the writer balanced her character a little bit, because it does not make sense to make her more greedy now that she has so much in her. To think that she is weighing what she must do to Gi Young and her son, to harm them by killing is too much.

Anyway, Jo Eun Cha brings the laughter in me with his animated facial expressions that are all adorable despite his annoyingly and irritatingly arrogance. This man is living with two personalities. One is being a certified jerk and the other one is being a concerned sunbae and surrogate father to both Gi Young and Dan. I believe that he is sincere when he is with Dan and when he is scolding Gi Young. Although he uses coercion until Gi Young is back down to a wall to get what he wanted. Just like when he told her to be an MC in a fashion show and in return he would help her get her job back. I think Eun Cha has always been challenged with Gi Young's strong personality. Now that she became a mother, she turned soft and what she was, totally faded. Eun Cha who is also using Gi Young to make him look good in front of the people particularly women to win in the upcoming election. But the good side is that he is pushing Gi Young to remember who she is so she can survive in this world. And I think I like that he is letting her fight her battles with a strong spirit even if it is hard.

I like the scene where he treats Dan like he is really his son. I like that even though he is mad at Gi Young, he still went to the daycare and watch the kids with their fathers. But he felt sad and other feelings as he watch Gi Young and Dan failed to reach whatever it was hanging there unlike the other pairs. She even lost her balance and break her arm. He went with them to the hospital in a panic. Well, Eun Cha is always acting like that in front of mother and son. Like he is always helpless.

The scary thing in this episode is that Tae Yeon's father and mother already discovered about the child looking like Tae Yeon. At the fashion show, the mother stared at Dan and holds a camera to take photos of him. However Gi Young tried to shield her son, he is already exposed in that event. 

 I do hope that the writer will make the chemistry between Gi Young and Eun Cha towards the unexpected romance. Because when Eun Cha forced Gi Young to sign a contract consisting of nonsense favors in turn of helping her, like sleeping with him or marrying him in the future, I think that contract says what has not yet been revealed of Eun Cha's possible attraction to his hoobae. It would be nice to turn the story that way with all the bickering they have and the fights they always do. And I laughed when Gi Young told hi he is a macho man. Eun Cha has turned into a man who is afraid to show that he likes women in fear of getting tangled again with the likes of Sun Nyeo.

Tae Yeon arrived at the airport back in Seoul, looking gaunt and disheveled. What's his next action will be, can put Gi Young and her son to danger or seek Eun Cha's help. I want to choose the latter. I think joining forces, both can be formidable against Park family. Besides Tae Yeon already abandoned the child, so I really have no respect towards him even if he only did it to hurt Gi Young. 

I am looking forward to a stronger and brave Gi Young. She can be even if she is now a mother. I like to see her on top again as the popular news anchor.  


Special mention : Bae Soo Bin who has been giving a very good performance as Jo Eun Cha. He is giving the character the unexpected charisma even if the role has so many unfavorable flaws, but turning it into an adorable watch. I have not seen such a character like this one whom I should be hating but having the exact opposite feelings. I know he is a great actor, but in this drama, he has shown a different Bae Soo Bin, so convincing, so natural that Jo Eun Cha is really like another person.

Thumbs Up, BAE SOO BIN!


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