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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Misaeng Episode 11 Screen caps Review - Someone Has To Pay The Price, Blame It on Us

Highlights of Episode 11

The Consequences

Mr. Park was found guilty of bribing and earning money through his company that deals directly with One International under someone else's name. Head Chief Kim and other related to the case because they were signatories of the project proposals/ transactions under Mr. Park's were all taking responsibilities of this hindsight that faced them unexpectedly. Workers at the company were shocked, surprised, sad that senior officers have to resign/get sacked [half of Director's Choi's men were gone] and looked with mixed feelings  to Sales Team 3 for going after this case. They were treated as whistle blowers. For a time, colleagues just stare as they passed, they are the topic during break time, and some are not happy with what they did. Even less Director Choi who saw that their team was being congratulated by someone more superior than him and acknowledging their good deed for the company. They were even given money as incentive.

This is the consequences of Geu Rae and his team revealing out the truth for the sake of the company. People judge them. They were seen as enemies. Like they are the ones who should look down and ask for apology. People are not happy particularly those teams who lost their colleagues. But then, I think anomalies like this should be exposed and not tolerated. I know camaraderie has formed for so many years and it is sad to see them go. There will always be office bickering, fights, but at the end of the day, they are all friends. But then, someone has to pay the price. Sadly, the blame lies on Sales Team 3.

Suk Yool is still having a hard time dealing with his boss. He is in his final effort at losing his control. His complaint is really simple. He does not want to slave for his boss with works that should have been done by his boss, then receiving credits for his work instead. And yes, his boss is really a jerk for always making him pay for drinks he drank. 

The outcome of this is that Suk Yool who I really like for being nosy, is saying nasty things about his boss. It is making it hard for him to see his face everyday and work under him. But he has no choice as a newbie. He has to grit his teeth to make it each day.

Young Yi finally has her chance to her own work. Her boss gave her one that deals with Russians. Her fluency of the language is making an impression on her team. But then she still make errands for them, But the good thing now, her boss kind of defends her not to take those errands.

I think Young Yi finally let them realize that she is not one to back down on challenges. She was challenged to do the cleaning, to run for their errands and even transport materials. So now, having to work on a new proposal, dealing with clients, she has somehow showed them her abilities that she just set aside for awhile for their egos.

Finally, Baek Ki is showing humility by learning his mistakes. The summary he did for their proposal came back to their office because he used terms that are too long to comprehend when it can be shortened. His boss gave it back to him and he put so much attention to revising it. He realized that what he learned from training is not easy. 

Baek Ki's boss is not saying anything because he sees that he is trying to learn. I think from this moment on, their partnership as sunbae/hoobae will grow and respect will be there towards each other. I now see that Baek Ki's boss is not really a selfish one who I thought once was.

A new man replaced Mr. Park. Someone who used to work with Mr. Oh and Dong Sik. The deal here is that he was sent to team 3 against his wishes. Director Choi told him to help the team. But he does not know what he should do. I thought he is like Mr. Oh's friend who change personality. But then, this guy is only trying to work and keep away from being talked about with his team. But I like how Mr. Oh break the tension. He asked them all to have a drink with him. And not to play games if he doesn't want to be addicted to playing games. These words are like telling him to stop treading his feet cautiously but just be himself like the way they remembered him.

The climax of the episode was when their team was brain storming on their next year's project proposals. Without any hesitation, the taboo subject was opened by Geu Rae. He aske them why not do the Jordan project which became controversial because of Mr. Park. The atmosphere changed. He was rebuked both by Dong Sik  and the new guy. [Ah, wae? I can't remember his name!! Minahae.]

But Geu Rae planted a seed of something to ponder to Mr. Oh. Yes, the project was controversial. The project will bring sure money to the company. No one like to pursue the project even if they knew it will be profitable. No one dared!

And Mr. Oh is not like anybody. But then, will he take responsibility for the outcome of listening to a newbie/rookie like Geu Rae? he even sought out opinions of his colleagues in different teams. All are advising him not to do the Jordan project.

Ah, Geu Rae is keeping the drama intense. he is always at the center of intrigues. While other newbies are busy with learning to do their job, Geu Rae is already ahead by being involved in two cases already meeting with audit teams, and now suggesting a project that seems unthinkable and must not do by ethics standards.

I like how Mr. Oh is also not afraid of challenges, even to compromise his impending promotions. He will be against superiors that will reject the plan. But Mr. Oh knows that their team can make it. 

Will they?

Now, this is the most interesting part. 


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