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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Misaeng Episode 12 Screen caps Review - Against All Odds

Jordan Project Proposal Plan - Going Against All Odds

Geu Rae is in the spotlight again as well as the whole sales team 3. Mr. Oh just can not put aside Geu Rae's suggestion about the project that brought so much controversies in the company. But the main concern is how other teams will look at them pursuing this project made by Mr. Park. They will be called greedy. But then, aren't every one is interested also in the same project? It is just a matter of who has the courage to take it and brave enough to get all the animosity that would surely brew from other teams. 

Dong Sik and Mr. Chun [yes, I remember this new guy's name] were dumbfounded by the idea coming from Geu Rae's mouth. And even surprised at Mr. Oh considering it. From a newbie who is not familiar with the politics inside a company, this is somewhat preposterous idea. Dong Sik talked to Geu Rae about it. He told him not to do it again without talking with him first. 

The real question about the project is that, setting aside all concerns, will this project be doable? Yes, it is. I like how Geu Rae had mentioned in the previous episode that the said project shamed the company with the scandal that was exposed. And the company is really not at fault but a single person because of greed. What Geu Rae had said is true and they need to make this project again to gain the trust it lost in a bigger scale. Making it a taboo subject only makes it and the company shameful even if there should nothing to be embarrassed about it.

Mr. Chun spoke alone with Gue Rae, while nosy Suk Yool was there listening to every word. He just can not himself and even told both Young Yi and Baek Ki. then he noticed her smiling and told asked her if she likes Geu Rae. Baek Ki looked at her and Suk Yool was in his most annoying when he tried to stop Baek ki from going away and recounted the times Young Yi chose Geu Rae's side. But then, Suk Yool has brought an interesting thought and he again made his presence in the drama even more interesting.

The team began planning and contacting new clients for this Jordan project. Even Director Choi told the manager in charge of approving it to go ahead. There is something mysterious about Dir. Choi and I have yet to read him inside and out. I ponder on what's between him and Mr. Oh. Why there seems to be bad blood between them.

Of course, Resource team was so angry finding about the project. They too knew the potential of the project but in their sense of delicadeza/discretion, they chose not to give it a try. There was a heated confrontation between Dong Sik and Resource team. Mr. Chun who arrived just kept silent as he watched but Mr. Oh who saw how Dong Sik had been treated badly shouted at them to stop.

Geu Rae who had felt that it was all his fault was so anxious, silent and preoccupied was told not to bow his head by Mr. Oh. He has done nothing wrong. Mr. Chun and Dong Sik went out of town to contact clients dealing with cars. Geu Rae was left at the office to help Mr. Oh finalized some paper works. Since the team were told to go on with their proposal, the presentation will be in a bigger scale. The directors and all the superior who will approving the said project will be present. It seems that Sales Team 3 has got themselves in a difficult situation but they are positive they can put a good presentation.

Geu Rae's mind is very active again. The idea stemmed from the chart his mother has put upside down in his room. Then the world map at the office where he gave his undivided attention to the point of standing on his head as he tried to see what will the map look like, to my unstoppable grin and to Mr. Oh's frowning lost looks at him.

The presentation has been done, all it needs is polishing and Mr. Oh's impeccable performance as he delivered the speech. But then, he felt that something is lacking. He even told Dong Sik about it. That's when Geu Rae sought out Dong Sik and tried to tell him about his idea, in which Mr. Oh happened to hear. Again, this newbie is making the team looked at him with varying expressions. Mr. Chun and Dong Sik are both against the idea of revising their presentation. Geu Rae has explained why Mr. Oh as the speaker seems not to be satisfied because perhaps they are doing the presentation too hard, selling the positive outcome in an obvious way, somehow hiding the not so good part consequences of the project. He suggested why not do it in a different way, a way that the company has not yet dealt the kind of presentation Geu Rae has in mind. Although the two members are not happy about it, Mr. Oh was taking courage again, against all odds, and being adventurous with going Geu Rae's idea. Geu Rae made the preparations   and altered the presentation.

But is what he suggested can make their team hurdle the obstacle consisting the panel of reviewers who will approve the project? At the last minute of preparations, Geu Rae is very anxious and nervous. He is having second thoughts about it. Even the man in the screen was surprised at the way the presentation is going to be. A new kind of way and he voiced out his concerns.

But there is no turning back. The team who will watch the presentation is now walking towards them. Will this be a victory for team 3? Or will Geu Rae's ideas and strategies that he learned in Baduk which he often applies to his office works be deemed and found at fault in behalf of the team's effort in finding that moment for justification and redemption from nasty talks about them?

I do wish Geu Rae's fresh and out of the box way ideas will give the team the acknowledgment they deserve after what happened to Mr. Park. I hope Mr. Oh will finally show Dir. Choi his ability that has been  questioned all these years. I am kind of pondering about Dir. Choi's words of wisdom to both Dong Sik and Mr. Chun when he happened to pass them by while seeking fresh air. About sitting inside his office and missing season's change. When one grows old, it feels sad to lose the seasons.

I want to think that this thoughts are about change. Fresh ideas should be welcomed so as not to be left behind. I hope I am right in the direction of his thoughts. And hoping that this will be the bar that will be used in approving or rejecting fresh ideas and new ways of presentation Sales Team 3 will offer.

Well,  excited to see more of Suk Yool and his complaints. No dull moments for this young man. He is even out shinning Baek Ki and sometimes Young Yi. He has a personality that is adorable despite his annoying and irritating manners which he shows when he is in his nosiest and pissed off with his work.

One of Young Yi's past appeared at the company. From the flashback, I could gather that she had a relationship with him that turned out sour which made her quit the company where she worked before with him. 

A sudden face off with a man that brought tears to her. I want more of the story behind this. Something to reveal more about Young Yi and her weaknesses.

This drama has yet to bore me. Every episode leaves a viewer something to think about. And now dreading the outcome of Geu Rae's suggestion in next week's episode.


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