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Monday, December 15, 2014

[ep.28] Cuteness Overload! JjongAh Bali Trip Screen caps Batch 1

Well, mslee just can not get over this episode that I think I already watched it for the nth time! Downloaded and saved in a USB and watching in my big screened TV, this couple brings the largest smiles on my face. Ottoke? I got the fever! The addiction for JjongAh couple. Ah..chincha! I am shipping hard again!!!!

So, I may be some of the last shipper who discovered this amazing couple via WGM but even so, I am a sucker for romance and I won't let these two adorable creature escape my attention. I have been patient with making screen caps, lots of screen caps if you will notice even in my Facebook fan page so I will post screen caps here in my blog each episode.

Starting with their Bali trip where so many cute moments happened between Jong Hyun and Ah Young [Yura]. Every moment is so worth capturing because still photos freeze the moment to read exact emotions and feelings they might be trying to hide or expose.

Batch 1

coz mslee got too crazy making lots and lots...hahahaha


Proud and Mesmerized Husband Jong!
Ah Young unleashing her charisma through sexy dancing on stage!

Couch Scenes
The Aegyo Mission

screen caps


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