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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Greatest Marriage - Jo Eun Cha and Cha Gi Young Caught in a Scandal

I am dumbfounded by how Cha Gi Young has been ostracized in the latest episode of The Greatest Marriage.

Words escaped me seeing how people bash her for being a single mother and how she declared that she got a sperm donation. I mean, is it such a crime to hide the true facts about your pregnancy when they don't really have nothing to do with your life? She has been getting all the hard criticism and no one found it in their hearts to think and be on her shoes. I mean even the women abandoned her calling her the biggest liar of the century! And it is because of Park Tae Yeon and his family!

I want to understand how they were fooled into believing that her son is not Tae Yeon's and not related to them at all but please...they had a hand in creating this mess of a situation. The moment they degraded her and her family background they should have known it was the end of any possible connection between two families.

Glad that she got back Dan. But the family is threatening her with all sorts of unimaginable conditions, like ousting her on her home, and bringing the custody to the court. She is trying to doge the court hearing in fear of exposing Dan but reporters did not heed her request instead recorded her and what she had to say. 

Now here comes the jerk of all jerks but has a heart that can be easily swayed by Dan. Jo Eun Cha who has been using Gi Young as his Angelina Jolie for his campaign for the election is trying to gag the reporters not to reveal the real father of the child for his own selfish agenda. But then, for the time being, even if he is just as bad as other people, at least Dan is safe. Then he visited GI Young and brought chicken for Dan but unfortunately he was already asleep. Then she said goodbye to him and let it be their last meeting outside work related matters.

Guess being a pretend father for the child and having been in their lives for the past years, I can't help but feel his sadness knowing he won't be able to see the child and her as he pleases. There is a feeling of let down on his face but he left after telling her to call anytime if they need anything.

The thing with Jo Eun Cha, he is a selfish person but I like how he always compare other anchors to Gi Young and clearly showing that he truly respects her as an anchor. 

The turn of events happened when Tae Yeon became the new director of the department ion the news station. His father made a compromise or rather imposed on the President to get Tae Yeon a position on the company that will be in charge of the workers directly.

The Scandal of the Year
Jo Eun Cha and Cha Gi Young Caught On Camera!

First on his agenda is getting riled of Jo Eun Cha and finding all his secrets like bribery and other more dirt on his sleeves. Jo Eun Cha did not give immediately his resignation but stayed. The bad part is that when he sat on the news he was shocked to find out that the headlines is about him and Gi Young. Myung Yi was behind the very questionable circumstances photo shopped of both Gi Young and Eun Cha on bed and letting the viewers believed that they hare having an affair.

He was so mad after he delivered the news that was seen by Gi Young. Reporters hounded their apartment making them hide inside. Her mother came and threw something on the reporters outside. She cried at her mother for the bad situation that happened.

The story let Gi Young planned a meeting with Tae Yeon to reveal to Dan his father. They waited but waited in vain. Well, I really don't like her having any more to do with Tae Yeon. He is contemptuous and despicable for being a coward. To put her and her son in that kind of circumstances is unforgivable even if he is the father.

Gi Young decided not to settle and they will then proceed to court hearing. Yes! Fighting! The anticipated scenes for next week are what I have been waiting for. In this episode, Tae Yeon's father dangled a carrot for Jo Eun Cha on how to win the election by testifying that he was seduced by Gi Young. But he protested that she never once seduced him but rather he once or twice tried to hit on her. But it is his choice. To be a fool and betrayed Gi Young just to win the election or to find it in himself the father figure that he is to Dan and protect mother and son.

Interesting how next week, Gi Young will ask Eun Cha to marry her. Now, between Tae Yeon and Jo Eun Cha, I will definitely choose Eun Cha. At least he has been there for them.

I have lost hope for Myung Yi. Maybe I read her wrong all along. there should not have been vulnerable moments for her when she can be this evil. She has no conscience and not fit feel sad about her own family background. A person who can feel sorrow for her past would not do despicable things like kidnapping and putting more disgrace to Gi Young. Myung Yi totally left me shaking my head in disgust.

Once again Bae Soo Bin did a great job in this episode. His presence is what makes this story tolerable. His acting brings freshness in this mockery that he portrays. A new brand of comedy that I have only seen in k-drama that is satire...or had I missed other dramas like this?

Two more weeks of torture for Gi Young.


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