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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[Screen caps and Short Recap] YURA Cut in I Live Alone

Late post. I miss Yura and her laughs watching this episode of I Live Alone with Kangnam. Her cheerful personality is what makes her shine and gives off beautiful aura around her.

So the episode is just another day for Kangnam. His activity for that day was to draw and paint outside on the wall. A mural. Yura, the artist has come to give him a hand because her expertise is on drawings particularly detailed drawings.

A bright morning became even brighter with Yura around. Love the conversations between oppa and dongsaeng. Just like casual friends but having a good time. Kangnam likes it Hawaiian feels, so Yura drew trees. On the other side of the wall, she copied a drawing of Kangnam, like a cartoon. It was amazing how she drew them and the results were awesome.

Kangnam ordered black noodles. Ah this reminds me of Yura in WGM. Really, she likes black noodles or jajangmyun noodles. I wonder how it taste like?

After the activity she said her goodbyes to Kangnam and his manager. They took a photo together as a remembrance of her guesting.

screen caps by mslee1107

for a bigger photo, pls click...

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