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Friday, May 1, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Missing Noir M Episode 5 Screen caps Review

I am just going to share some thoughts regarding the events in episode 5.

The investigation for our main characters continue as a new case was handed down to detective Oh as a special favor and at the same time, somewhat confidential. Another missing person has been added to the list but this time it was the daughter of a candidate for the next Justice of Ministry, Nam Seok Tae. He seemed to be favored by the majority of the citizens and most of them who have been interviewed were really rooting for Nam Seok Tae. The man used to be a practicing lawyer. He is also a friend of Oh Dae Young and Soo Hyun's superior Park Jung Do. The case should be handled discreetly.

It's funny how detective Oh thought that this is one of those easy case, like finding an errant daughter that happened to rebel and just hide or runaway from home. He thought that he does not need help from Soo Hyun who was then busy focusing all his energy in connecting pieces on a puzzle. But then, Oh finds himself at a dead end after interviewing Yeong Eun's friends who were the last to have seen her the night she went missing.

The story is another case of revenge. A murder case from 10 years back where Nam Tae Seok was the defendant's lawyer was dismissed because there was no body to prove that the murder took place. The boyfriend then, Kim Dae Soo walked away scott free from being sentenced by the law. Nam Tae Seok, according to him believes that there should be physical evidence to prove the allegation of murder because there was a precedent case where one was convicted of murdering another without finding the body and after a few years, the supposed to be murdered person was alive.

I think this thinking has solid ground but then it should not be taken as a parameter in murder cases. The victim's family back then was a brother, Ko Dong Joo who was devastated at the actual decision about his sister's missing/murder case. It was as if he was mocked by the law that was supposed to protect him just because no one knew where his sister's body was. The case also led him to hope that his sister is still alive somewhere even if there is conflicting thoughts inside his head.

Now is the time to avenge his sister's disappearance. Now when Nam Tae Seok is after a high position in the government. At least there should be justice even after ten years late. He was the one who abducted his daughter the night she walked alone in that enclosed bridge/tunnel. A homeless man was a witness that night. He saw a woman was being followed by a man. He was very clear on that image because a sound coming from a bracelet she wore produced sounds that night.

It was scary how the luggages found ion an abandoned place that were purchased by Yeong Eun's card has stains of blood on some of the clothes. Still, it is not enough to conclude that she is dead because the amount of blood can only be compared to a bleeding from a cut, like on skin or finger. Oh and Soo Hyun who are now joining forces in solving the case believe that she is still alive somewhere.

I was scared of some scenes though because personally, I have a weak heart and stomach for brutal sights like the envisioned scenario of Soo Hyun where the woman was inside a plastic bag inside the red luggage. This is really tough for me as a viewer. It was suffocating me watching that scene. Anyway, that scenario was not a first because it was what happened to Dong Joo's sister.

With Soo Hyun's expertise and Oh's amazing instincts, they were able to find clues that led them to solve the crime, if there is one. Finding out that Nam Tae Seok had defended the suspect years ago has a connection to the possible suspect now who could have abducted Nam Tae Seok's daughter was a revelation. 

In order to prove that there was conspiracy and bribery during the trial of Kim Dae Soo, Soo Hyun tracked back to find leads. He found Dae Soo. He also learned that there was bribe between Nam Tae Seok and his mother. He also found out that Dae Soo's mother prohibited him from stepping near to their house in another place. He went there to investigate and found out that the house was built in good materials but no one lives there. He also noticed a stone wall that seemed to have been patched poorly. Instinct told him there was something inside that must have been hidden. And the scary truth was revealed. The missing body was inside that stone wall inside the red luggage.

I think the realization that his sister is truly dead is even more devastating and heart wrenching now. To have lived all these years with hope despite fears of knowing those thoughts and hopes were futile is too much to take in. The purpose of his revenge is to really find his sister. 

Nam Tae Seok's daughter is well and safe. She was told by Dong Joo to just stay still and quiet for a while. For reasons she must have trusted, she did as she was told. But the consequences of knowing that Dae Soo is living as a free man all these years made Dong Joo took the law in his own hands. He killed Dae Soo.

All this while Nam Tae Seok is not even remorseful or guilty or regretful of all his actions. His greed to sit on the Ministry of Justice seat is his one and only goal. I find him detestable as a human being and not suited to wear the uniform of the Ministry of Justice. It's frightening how he will be the man who will lead the justice system.

There was a scene where Dong Joo was shown watching a video of him and his sister. The sibling antics were sweet and loving. It was as if all this time Dong Joo has lived to find his sister and that time had stood still, waiting, just waiting for her to come back.

Dong Joo has no more reason to live. Somehow, he found it tiring and resigned to the fact that everything now is finished. I have always felt that it seems easy for them to take away their lives when hope is gone. Maybe it's their culture and their way of thinking but hoping that it is not so. 

Soo Hyun, Oh and Nam tae Seok all witnessed Dong Joo jumping from the rooftop of a high building with various emotions playing on their faces. Of course, there was shock and helpless expressions for our detectives and a nonchalant one/ or like shrugging off expression on Nam Tae Seok.

Guess his conscience can't find the any guilt inside him which makes him even more disgusting.

So what's the real message of the story?

Choices or actions we made have corresponding consequences and they might just caught up with us in times we are not expecting them. And with grave effect that is too much to handle. In this story, Nam Tae Seok should be paying for his choices to free a murderer. As for Dae Soo, he got killed for his sins. The only one who had a taste of life's miseries and not received justice was Dong Joo.

Again, both Soo Hyun and Oh together with Jin Seo Joon did a great job in solving the case. Interesting, mysterious and eye opener to viewers like me.

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  1. This episode made me sweat from my eyes. The whole series is tear jerking with the harsh reality.