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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Producer Episode 10 GIF HIghlights and Review

Well, the episode is still the continuation of Seung Chan's dilemma on how to tell Ye Jin his feelings for her. Actually, I am not a fan of him being with Ye Jin because I viewed their relationship as only subae/hoobae. They look more like brother and sister but I think some followers of the drama are rooting for them to be the final OTP.

For a happy ending for this drama, I don't think it will be that way because there will be tow more persons, like Cindy and Joon Mo who will be left sad if the Seung Chan/Ye Jin pairings happen. So I am hopeful that the turn out will be in my favor.

{yah, I already watched the ending..lol because I was too lazy to update my thoughts so...grinning here.]

Seung Chan is not someone who will back off. I think he really wanted Ye jin to know his feelings so that an opportunity will be created for Ye Jin to notice him as a man and not simply as a rookie PD or a cute little friend.

This time, Joon Mo has finally come to his senses. He knew he had to at least act on his feelings even if he is still a coward in admitting what's between him and Ye Jin. Asking her to lease the place she just acquired renting and staying on his place somehow made Ye Jin confused and think that he only wanted someone to keep his place under control.

Ye Jin who is a tough PD but really, seriously clueless and slow in catching up what's in front of her nose, is trying to figure it out with Seung Chan. Well, I know Seung Chan is the type who is somewhat childish, a bit petty when it comes to others doing something not to his liking. So hearing words about Joon Mo stopping Ye Jin, of course, he would not tell Ye Jin the reason behind it. He would not let her realize that Joon Mo likes her more than a friend. It would totally ruin his plans on making Ye Jin notice him.

Even if sometimes Seung Chan is annoying, [well for me when it comes to his unrequited love for Ye Jin] undoubtledly, his smiles, smug smiles are all too cute.

Naive looking but really, is he? Ahmmm...don't think so. When it comes to love, that's it.

Seung Chan was asked to make the preview for their next airing. Something that will be interesting enough to make viewers come back watching.

The OTP that is just so perfect for each other. I think theirs is the kind that makes viewers laugh but at the same time feel the burning desires they exude beyond the screen. Although it is somehow down played for entertaining purposes only, still they look great together. I still wonder about the woman, though and what makes her that way. Still, she got him under her control. lol.

Meeting the anti fans!

This is totally funny when Cindy decided to join the group. Then revealing herself to these antis. What's great is that somehow she found an ally on them that will make them stop their hates but actually liking her. Maybe stop bashing her anymore. She also got some tips from them.

Still guessing who Seung Chan likes. He kept on denying about Cindy which makes Ye Jin more curious why he could not tell her.

I think this is one of the good scenes in this episodes. Both Ye Jin and Joon Mo awkward of talking what's between them. Ye Jin wanted to find out more if her like towards him is the result of their long friendship and being comfortable with each other.

Seung Chan realized that Cindy is looking at him through a mirror whenever she thought he is not looking at her.

Seung Chan doing a video recording of Cindy to be inserted in the preview he is making.

I truly think that these two has that awesome chemistry. The awkwardness is so strong that Seung Chan tries to dismiss which is saddening. 

Wrong guess but still Ye Jin keeps poking around...

The relationship between manager and Cindy. Surprise, surprise, he is one of the anti fan! lol. Got you!

Meeting Seung Chan's family.

Battle with CEO Byun. Cindy makes her move. Laid down her cards. Threatening the rookie.

Well, finally the revelation of Seung Chan's feelings through the bear.

Joon Mo's POV.

The kiss scene.

Getting enough courage to pull Ye Jin towards her and kissing her.

I guess it has to happen. It has to make Ye Jin see him ion another light. It has to happen so that everything will be clear between them. Are they suitable with one another or not? Is Ye Jin gonna think of him in a new level or not? Will this kiss change everything between them and a positive outcome will surprise the viewers?

As I said I am more of Joon Mo/Ye Jin fan. 
Hoping to write my next review and thoughts soon.


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