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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episode 11 GIF Highlights

Not really feeling the change in Geun Wook's feelings towards Jung Joo yet even after the kiss. It was as if he was just testing her if her convictions to move on is true. Guess, I would say that kissing a woman to find out her feelings is a childish act of a man whose ego is so high. Although Geun Woo maybe feeling differently yet he is not really entertaining the idea which is really tiring.

One of the problems that can cause misunderstanding is the arrival of Gein Woo's father in the scene. His father was the one who killed Hae Sil's husband. Geun Woo knew he had to leave if he appeared before causing any more troubles in this peaceful town.

Surprise! Jung Joo's mother appeared suddenly! Claiming her as her child. After all these years, now became the good time to meet her. Fishy? A bit.

Yeah, seemed the mother is out to get money from her hard working daughter. But then, it is not as if she is a bad mother. She really needed the money for her other daughter who is sick. Fortunately, Geun Woo learned how desperate she is and helped her by giving the deposit money Jung Joo gave him. Of course, not to Jung Joo's knowledge.

Jung Joo is ready to leave Warm and Cozy. Asking for the money she gave him. This is prior to Geun Woo learning the anxiety of her mother.

Asking his brother to give him the money.

There was an accident. Hae Sil's body is yet to be found out in the sea.

Jung Geun never left until she was found out.

Showing her his true feelings in front of the town people.

Again, Ji Won irritatingly butting in between Geun Woo and Jung Joo. Always handing information. Seriously annoying!

Geun Woo's father finally in the story.

I should be happy that Geun Woo is not letting go of Jung Joo. That he really cares for her. But I want more concrete show of emotions. Maybe this is the start.

Now that Ji Won has finally accepted him, Geun Woo is not really enthusiastic on the idea. He knew her too well.

Just some thoughts...until next episode.


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