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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episode 12 GIF Highlights

Some highlights in the episode.

Jung Joo was so drunk she did  not remember Geun Woo appearing beside her the night before. She thought the Mayor was still with her. Geun Woo kept saying otherwise but not telling her that it was him who took her home and put to bed.

The promise he made with her while she was sleeping, the pinky promise he made was somehow in Jung Joo's dream and it kind of confused her if it was real or not. I feel pity for the Mayor [still coz he got a soft spot in me] but in this episode he made it clear that he is also going to take a chance on her. 

I think it's okay because he never seems to cling on Jung Joo but just saying honestly his feelings. Like the scene where Jung Joo visited him at home and even sew a button on his shirt. Then the ahjummas came, witnessing the scene and one took photos hurriedly for evidence. lol.

The Mayor's brother's and sister all came to visit Jung Joo at Warm and Cozy. 

They wanted to meet the woman who was currently being talked about as the Mayor's future wife. 

Geun Woo on Jung Joo and the Mayor...he is definitely not happy about it.

Jung Joo is trying to move on but Geun Woo is the one holding on to her. 

This is making her confused even more but she is determined to stay strong and not be swayed anymore. Geun Woo keeps on coming towards her. But then, as a viewer I think he is not fully telling her his changed feelings towards her. 

That's why Jung Joo would not believe him because he seemed vague on his intentions.

The romance between Jung Geun and Hae Sil started. Like that Hae Sil is not afraid to face the annoying sister of Jung Geun. She is strong and feisty. She liked Jung Geun not because he is wealthy but because he looks awesome. Yeah, stressing on the physical attributes rather than the money.

Geun Woo's father appeared, ready to atone for his sin towards Hae Sil. 

He was imprisoned but still want to make amends personally. Geun Woo learned that Hae Sil and his brother are going out. 

That put him in a situation where he had to protect his family and not make them suffer because of his father. 

He plans to leave so there will be no further troubles.

As for Ji Won, finally Geun Woo was able to free himself from her and his attachment towards her. Ji Won also realized that she lost him. Her greed was too much. 

Guess Geun Woo got tired of her games. Good choice Geun Woo. Time to choose Jung Joo.

Geun Woo and Jung Joo

His sincerity is not being taken seriously. Well it was his mistake because he was always like that to her but in the end always leaving her. Just like his metaphor about the wolf who cried.

Yes, she still burns for him but somehow she is in denial stage. She has been hurt too many times.

Jung Joo fits right in Jeju.She even looks great besides the Mayor. At this point, learning his father appeared suddenly put Geun Woo in a tough situation. He will leave the place. And perhaps Jung Joo. This is a saddenning thought. 


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