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Saturday, August 8, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 11 Highlights

I was skeptical after seeing this episode. It clearly suggest that Ha Na is so into Cha Seo Hoo. Then I felt pity for Won. He is the type who endures pain and give way even though he is hurting. Won is not doing anything regarding his feelings. He accepted that he is again late and maybe will always be when it comes to Ha Na. His chance was already gone the moment he decided he will remain her friend back during school days.

Friendship somehow has gone awkward for both Ha Na and Won. They began to drift apart, slowly or if they chanced upon each other, Ha Na would not stay longer in his company. It became uncomfortable between them. Cha Seo Hoo is between them, invisibly.

But then, Cha Seo Hoo has his own secret. The real reason he stayed away from Ha Na was still kept from her.

How can Ha Na choose Won in the end if her heart can not let go of Cha Seo Hoo?

This drama is giving me headaches...seriously.


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