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Sunday, August 2, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] High Society Episode 16 Review

Final thoughts...

It was a story that gave a realistic ending for all the characters. It did not try to mend what is not meant to be but at least, there seems to be compromise in the end for the parties involved in a messy situation. Like Yoon Ha's parents and siblings Ye Won and Gyeong Joon.

The rift in the relationship for the old couple seems too late to fix because both still has not able to understand each views on how they fail each other. The mother would like to live in peace and to serve her purpose as a wife during her old age but her husband unfortunately is not interested anymore. To live quietly, that's the only thing he likes and will settle for.

It's sad that the opportunity is lost to fix what ever they still have. But of course that is reality. They have come this far with a broken marriage and the only thing left is to live their life after all that has been said and done.

Ye Won's story seems open ended. Gyeong Joon coming back became a threat to her ambition. He is of course confident that being the son he is loved no matter what and the position she much coveted is his.

I like the father and son conversation [or lack of it] between Joon Ki and his father. I think it was a very touching scene even with less talk because it only magnify the unspoken love and understanding that finally came between then. His father never criticize him for his not coming to see him occasionally. He let Joon Ki know that he understand him. That scene surely gather a lump inside my chest.

The two OTP

Chang Soo and Ji Yi

Of course, their happy ending is inevitable. There is no other option for both but to go through with their love. Theirs was the kind that would make anyone want to fall in love just to experience the depth and sincerity of their love. I think the story balanced the romance between two OTP. One showed the conflicts of falling in love with the wrong person in terms of society's standards and the other is about finding true love beyond ambition and realizing that love is not a compromise.

Ji Yi and Chang Soo proved that barriers can be overcome when it comes to love. They got married although the drama skip that part of the ceremony fast forwarding to a few months later with Ji Yi pregnant. They depict the contented happy couple vibe, 

Yoon Ha and Joon Ki

It was not too late to realize that what he thought love should be is not what it should be. Love should be true and not about fulfilling what is lacking in ones life. He realized that all along his perception of what happiness is, is wrong and that his parents is the living proof of what love and happiness is all about.

Yoon Ha knew Joon Ki is sincere now. He left to prove it to her. When they met, they are more comfortable with each other than before after their break up. She even asked him when did he started to feel differently about her. I have always felt that Joon Ki had an instant attraction to her and I was right. He showed it her. The place where he felt it. 

The elevator ride they shared that first day they met. And it was like they have come full circle when they rode the elevator again in that hotel. The feelings were relived. And it intensify that Joon Ki could no longer hold back his true feelings.

The kiss that showed love is true and sincere.

I think the drama wraps up pretty nice. A bit hurried for towards the end where it showed the four of them gathered together again and just happy to spend time with one another. It was as if there was never a gap from the time they went there before and this time. 

The proposal was simple. Joon Ki slide the box where the rings were inside after Ji Yi and Chang Soo teased them about not getting married. Yoon Ha was surprised. It was unexpected. Her answer was a simple "yepeoda" [beautiful].

The camera pans out showing the magnificent view surrounding the happy couple. Two OTP. The story is all worth it.

final thoughts wrapping up...


some more gif

after Joon Ki resigned

Ye Won and Yoon Ha
trying to convince Yoon Ha she was used by her oppa

Gyeong Joon and Yoon Ha
The trust is still there.

Frustrated Ye Won...

Her greed or should I say passion towards the company was futile.

Always be trusting her oppa...

Disillusioned mother...

Time would never turn back and even if it did, those harsh words she grew up with will remain in her heart. She was asked to forget them, as a way of apologizing to her but Yoon Ha chose to remember them because those words strengthened her and made her what she is now.

I think her mother felt even more saddened but she had to live with it. Ar least now, they are talking and both had come to reach an understanding.

I love these two. Their relationship as mother and son is sweet.

Of course, my other favorite OTP..

Friendship is back.

The cute relationship between these two...

and just like I said, these two would be friends...hahahaha
coz Ji Yi is just so adorable she won't be able to resist her.


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