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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

UEE Talks About Sung Joon

Oh, I could ship this two! Really!

A post High Society interview with UEE and she talks about her co star Sung Joon who acted opposite her and has amazing chemistry with her. I was smiling while reading the interview 

and can't help but read between the lines that she is fond of Sung Joon. She talked with ease about him and honestly conveyed her feelings. Chincha! Their character in High Society is really good and the romance kept me glued each week.

It seems that they got closer while filming the drama. :))

for more here is the translated interview via allkpop 
[link above]

UEE dishes on her co-star Sung Joon and feeling hurt by his remark about their kiss scenes

At a cafe in Seoul, UEE sat down for an interview, opening up about her close bond with her co-star Sung Joon from 'High Society'. She spared no compliments, dishing on the handsome actor's personality and mannerisms.

UEE talked freely about her co-star Sung Joon, who she became immensely close with during the drama's filming. She said, "Sung Joon is a guy with appeal. When I find out who I will be acting with before filming begins, I tend to keep my ears open on everything about that person. People around me told me that Sung Joon is a bit shy and that he talks little. But when I introduced myself brightly by saying to him, 'Hi, you don't need to address me using honorifics even though I'm older,' and kept approaching him in that manner, he eventually warmed up to me."

UEE further explained that the two were able to become closer thanks to all the kiss scenes and physical contact that they shared during filming, adding, "After we began with physical contact we became really close and became friends much faster.

Regarding their acting which was full of affection, UEE confessed, "We had good chemistry. Even our teaser included kiss scenes. We had many of them. There were both pros and cons. During the press conference Sung Joon said that because we shot so many kiss scenes, he stopped feeling anything, which made me feel hurt. Later when I confronted him by asking, 'I'm a woman too. How can you not feel anything?' he said, 'I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that we kissed too many times.'" 

The singer-turned-actress continued, "Sung Joon brought life to the set. He would ask the staff if they ate and if I got something wrong while acting he would say, 'Don't be sorry, just act comfortably.' He would tease me by asking, 'Eat this. You won't? Then don't,' yet get me a bottle of water. He has that kind of charm. He knows how to have fun on his own and if I don't find something amusing, he would ask me, 'You don't find this funny?' He is very manly but a somewhat cute kind of manly." 

Sounds like UEE is quite fond of her co-star! 


Personal view...

Sung Joon is hot and has that mysterious appeal and UEE has that girl group aura. Opposite but that will just make them suit each other.


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