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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Cheer Up Episode 4 Highlights


When the cheer dance teacher was so ready to quit, just then the officials from Education Dept. came suspecting the school of making specs for students seeking good recommendations from college schools. Of course, parents who were present had to deny the claim and like the principal, told that they were supporting the students in their coming competition.

The crazy principal strikes again! Poor secretary! But then, he is just as bad as the principal.

This part of the drama makes it more fun to watch. I laugh at how teacher Tae Bum can't help himself appreciating the sexiness of the cheer dance instructor while wishing she won't turn around.

Ha Joon asking Yeol if it's okay if Yeon Doo is close to another guy, like her BFF Dong Jae. It seems that Ha Joon already noticed the growing closeness of his friend and Yeon Doo lately. Well best friend knows best.

The Accident

Yeol to the rescue. He used his body to shield her from the falling glass debris. 

In the midst of the accident, Dong Jae just stood there watching. Alone he was confronted by trauma of the past where he saw his friend fall.

This is really serious problem and I hope that this will be addressed as the drama progress. 

After Yeol was treated at the hospital, the two escaped or rather skipped classed together. Yeon Doo was at his mercy, being grateful that he protected her from the incident. Now, his wish is her command!

Love this!
Who wished they were that meat? lol!

Strolling at the market...

Yeon Doo joined a contest to win something...
Even got Yeol to dance with her. Poor Yeol, he could not evade her, could not resist her.

But it seems that he did enjoy the moment.

On their way back to school...
she won a big rice cooker! 

Found themselves sleeping inside the bus, her head on his shoulder.

A feeling that he likes...

They were caught!

BFF Dong Jae waiting for her. He was concern.

Yeol remembering the day's event, particularly the bus ride...

It's like hell!
Yes, the teacher was putting the students in a very tough exercise. This was after both teams fought earlier at the room. It was like punishment for not cooperating with each other.

I love this scene where they have to ask each other questions to know more about each other. Yeol suddenly said that he likes to kiss a girl...

Which made Yeon Doo's face blush!
And Dong Jae thought she needs to go to the clinic for her flushed face. lol!

How can a simple meet the eyes moment makes a viewer like me go insane???
Yeol knew his declaration affected Yeon Doo.
Ergo... his knowing smiles.

By accident, Yeol found out that Soo Ah saw the stained cloth from Ha Joon's bloodied arms and the one who brought it to the principal which resulted from blackmail concerning Ha Joon.
The reason why Yeol agreed to do cheer dance. This pissed him off, too much!

Ha Joon somehow heard and confirmed....

Ha Joon was missing and Yeol was so upset and worried at the same time. He was looking for him, frantically.

Yeon Doo somehow gave him strength by telling him that Ha Joon will come back okay.

Ha Joon confronting the principal
He is mad crazy!

More hell exercise!

Friendship goals

I love how Yeol loves Ha Joon like a brother.


Finally getting together, eating together as one team,

...and laughing like friends.

Time to apologize to the principal. They have to do it to pacify the principal and not call Ha Joon's father.

The cheer dance team were sent to a house to enjoy the food and to continue getting to know one another.

Oh..oh... they drank alcohol.

Soo Ah is guilty but at the same time, not really wanting to be nice.
I really pity this girl. 

Yeol and Yeon Doo

Did the kiss happen?


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