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Sunday, October 25, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF She Was Pretty Episode 9 Highlights

 random thoughts...

Hye Jin is back!
But Shin Hyuk's Jackson is gone...

Yup, me too I prefer the old Hye Jin with curls and freckles because they only add up to how she is as a true person. Poor Shin Hyuk missing Jackson. Looks like something's going to change soon regarding their relationship as friends.

Chief Editor  fashionista ahjumma almost did not recognized Hye Jin.

Currently avoiding Sung Joon...
Ha Ri is having a hard time collecting herself on how to break the truth to him. She is buying more time.

Meeting on going...

thoughts on the anniversary presentation of the magazine.


let the spotlight be on those who are on the sidelines to emphasize the most brightest of them all.

Does the new look make Sung Joon appreciate Hye Jin more?
[if only the writer did not go this way...]

Ha Ri still afraid meeting Sung Joon...

...causing her enough stress to make her insides suffer.

Shin Hyuk always there at the right place at the right time.

my hero!
I mean the girl's hero in the drama.

I can totally understand her.

And her guilt towards Hye Jin is breaking my heart.

Cute Shin Hyuk and Jackson moments.

Jealous mode on!

LOL at the way he reacted and walked out on her!


he bought her a bag!

Who can resist this guy?
writernim, I really can't! lol!


Someone is late coming...

Good thing the ahjumma is there to fill in the gap.

Because it's raining outside and Sung Joon can't drive when it rains. He has trauma from the accident that killed his mother.

Only Hye Jin knows...

Misunderstanding from colleagues...

Hye Jin defending Sung Joon...

New Opportunity for Hye Jin

to write an article and Shin Hyuk is there to encourage her but she has no confidence of doing the task.

The irony is that Sung Joon will be the one who can make her realize that she can do it...
[irony because in my pov, Shin Hyuk who has always been by her side has so much faith in her that she can't see but when it comes to Sung Joon, she can see]

Show her how to make her grab an opportunity through a photo...

Going through with starting to write an article...

I feel you Shin Hyuk!
the writer has somehow changed Hye Jin...

Guess meetings with Sung Joon became more easier now after her make over...

Oopppsss.. wrong car key! Hye Jin took out the car that is not fit to drive.

Guess who is concerned now?
Yup..Shin Hyuk!

But of course the lead guy should also know that lead girl is in trouble...big trouble ahead!

Gong to Hye Jin.
Not even noticing that "Hye Jin" arrived.

Who will be there first?
Shin Hyuk?

Sung Joon?

The goodbye letter is still in her hands. She braved writing all her feelings in that letter, how she apologized for the deceit but now that she is ready to give to Sung Joon, he ran away and left her.

I really wished it would be Shin Hyuk!!!

But of course, it was Sung Joon, Hye Jin's first love.

As the rain continue to pour, my heart cries for Shin Hyuk who witnessed the embracing couple.


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