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Monday, June 6, 2016

GIF Mirror of the Witch episode 7 Highlights

and so their paths crossed again...

she was the mysterious lady called Seo Ri and she kept her identity from Joon even though he thinks she is Yeon Hui. She saved him from falling from  cliff while running away from being caught and named the culprit of all the murders being committed in the city.

Seo Ri / Yeon Hui is still not safe from these group.

Joon wandering inside the cave...

he drank the potion which made him remember everything, even the contents of the book. Maybe it was a good thing because the book was caught in a fire. 

Joon has to restore the contents of the book to keep his life.

The King hiding his illness from the Queen..


The witch appeared and gave the King a taste of what it felt like to heal his wounds. In return he would make her come back in the palace.

Pull of attraction?

He knew it was her.

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