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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Mirror of the Witch episode 8 Highlights

The plot is getting thicker and the characters are evolving. There a lot to take and yet the story keeps the intrigue. The twist is getting interesting.

So far Kim Sae Ron's role as Yeon Hui / Seo Ri is mysterious and she makes it even more captivating. Yoon Si Yoon as usual is not disappointing my expectation as Joon.

..and so the story continues.

Joon recognized Yeon Hui but she denied it was her. She is Seo Ri..for now.
He had been watching her since he came inside the cave and he was sure she is Yeon Hui. 

She has to make Joon drink the oblivion potion for him to forget everything but she is hesitating...

Joon headed outtogether with Yo Gwang.
He must drink the oblivion potion. He knew what it was all about.

Sadness fell on Seo Ri after Joon left but she could not or would not admit it to Yo Gwang.

The King is now willing to take back Hong Joo inside the palace. He told the ministers but his idea was opposed. He is not asking permission though.

The witch Hong Joo has gotten what she wanted. She has control now of the King. Poong Yeon was surprised that she knew about the illness of the King

Joon was shock to find that he was dead and his supposed body was hanged and named as the Red Gentleman's Robe. He ran towards his mother's grave and there were wood planks calling him names.

He has to take revenge for what Heo Ok did to him.

Hong Joo stated her ritual. She put the soul of the previous Crown Prince inside the King.

The King acted as the Prince who was supposed to be dead already. The Queen was bewildered and could not understand. But soon her mother's love for her child took over her and she embraced her son.

Of course, it was only a fleeting moment for the King regained back his consciousness. He too was perplexed at the Queen's actions.

The Queen will do anything to see her son again even in the King's body.

Poong Yeon caught Joon. He remembered him as the runaway culprit who took his horse and his golden bell but Joon could not remember about it. Poong Yeon also knew he was not the Red Gentleman's Robe when he confirmed he has no cut on his shoulder.

Yo Gwang realized what the mark he saw on Joon's body means. He could be a human boundary. Someone who can protect Seo Ri.

He rescued him from the prison cell while he explained everything to him, although he doubt if Joon really understood what he was saying. They had to be fast for the boundary at the temple cave were burning already.

Poon Yeon's father was there. He came back from his long sleep and slipped outside away from Hong Joo. Whatever his thoughts and actions now, I am not sure. he might be under 5the influence of Hong Joo and a danger to Seo Ri.

Seo Ri was once again trust upwards. Her body shook violently as her hair turned white. She lost consciousness and almost fell down when Joon arrived and caught her in his arms.

He must be the human boundary. He saved her. Her hair turned black again.

So it means Joon will now obligated to protect Seo Ri aka Yeon Hui and should not leave her side.

The story is truly interesting.


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