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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] My Wife is Having an Affair This Week - A Satire Drama at it's Best

I don't agree on having affairs inside a marriage just because there is an excuse and it had to happen. But watching this drama, my perspective about life and affairs and other things are somehow taking another round of reality check.


Do Hyun-Woo (Lee Sun-Kyun) has worked as a PD for the past 10 years. He learns that his wife is having an affair and doesn't know what to do. Do Hyun-Woo, who tries to protect his marriage, talks with anonymous people through online social networks.

I really think that this drama My Wife is Having an Affair this Week is a satire.

And having said this, it is at it's best showing the difficulties of marriage life, which sometimes lead to separation in a humorous way, maybe to lighten up the topic of the drama. But then, it is really an eye opener and needs to be understood with depth to feel the opposing emotions of the couples undergoing marital affairs and divorce. I can't be a judge with a mentality of always being right because circumstances sometimes can not really be explained like how the drama shows and it can either be accident that somehow got out of hand.

I have moments of laughter and tears watching this drama. If the main couple is having problems about the affair that has been caught, the other couples show the lighter side of having an affair in a funny way but also challenging the minds of the viewer on lightly accepting [in terms of laughing at it] the situation in the worst possible way a guy can be a total jerk in having affairs right and left. It can also be a lesson on how to catch your spouse getting off road or how to deal with a situation similar to this.

I love the concept of the drama where they also have a reality show within the drama to discuss the problems leading to marital affairs. It can not be one sided and most of the times helps in looking at it through their personal view about their own marriage. The difficult questions can be answered by a friend or by random strangers. Actually, the posting of the problem via internet is a brilliant idea in the drama wherein total strangers can magnify your relationship and somehow give answers to your muddled thoughts and feelings. There are many choices to look for and certainly one can be of help. There can be nuance advices but there are also  those that are helpful in digesting the real issue at hand.

As of episode 8, the main couple decided to separate. I think she was mistaken in her choice, but seeing how she is suffering by herself through the mistake she has done, why do I pity her? I want to stay faithful to the main guy/husband in the story because I do feel his pains and the betrayal caused him but the drama keeps on unfolding scenarios that makes a viewer like me take a step back and look at it again. She seriously made a mistake and she made him look not only a fool but hurt him tremendously. But why was he being clingy to still want her to stay?

Ah...married life is seriously tough!

She was a perfect mother, that I can see. She was a good colleague at work. An almost perfect wife inside the house... if not for that affair. And she still is a good mother after that. How can she break my heart just seeing her trying... in her situation? Tears are definitely falling for her and for him as I watch this drama. When her son was missing towards the end, I want to blame her for making her son miss his father and their house which brings comfort and security to a child who is so innocent  of what's happening between his parents. This! This is an eye opener to parents. They maybe having a tough life and when things are to hard to handle, they can just give up on it. But surely, the children will suffer as well. And parents need to understand the impact of having a separated parents from the child's eye.

The random strangers meddling in his affairs via internet are also having tough times. It's really good that this drama is treating the story with so much heart and facts about life. I applaud the writer who has the vision in creating this kind of plot. Not an ordinary affair. Not just a marital affair. It is bigger than what it is.

As for the possible romance I am rooting for the funny friend who cries easily with the divorcee who is a colleague. Their romance is something I am looking forward within this mess of marital affairs.

Thumbs up for this drama. Looking for more episodes and hoping that a compromise will be reached and maybe a fresh start is possible and if not, something to learn from the mistakes of marital affairs.

I love tall the characters in this drama. Excellent acting.

Below are some screen caps from the latest episode [8].

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