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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 2 Screen caps - Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Glad I have time to post screen caps and some thoughts today. Continuing from my previous post for episode 1, Weightlifting Fairy... has something new to offer in episode 2.

Well, surprise, surprise, Bok Joo and Joon Hyung apparently knew each other since childhood. They went to the same school and met then. She was on the chubby side that's why she earned the nickname Chubs, while he was referred to as the Reverse kid because during one of the school's activities, a race, instead of running forward, he ran on the other side or reverse. He was also clumsy then.

The incident in the pool after giving back his handkerchief where she fell inside the water and he rescued her in his arms brought back memories from childhood. Yes, they are already acquainted and this time just happens to be bumping again into each other. It was a funny memory for Joon Hyung while it seemed Bok Joo was not as ecstatic as he was meeting again.

Their paths continue to cross and each time he finds it funny enough to tease her while she tries avoiding him as much as possible. Joon Hyung also finds her a very nice and good daughter when she helps in delivering take outs from the restaurant. He is pleased seeing her accomplishments which is cute. I wonder if he had a crush on her during their childhood days and now after meeting her again, the feeling is resurfacing? Maybe? Because he is smiling whenever he sees her.

Well, the ex is back and even if it seems that she is okay to be just friends, I wonder if that is her true feeling. It was an awkward meeting from Joon Hyung's side, and it feels that he was hurt when she left him. Has he recovered yet?

The weightlifting team is hard on food allowance and they tried to hid it from the students. In order to make cheap snacks, the teacher Choi Sung Eun made kimbap from expired ingredients which made the students sick and hospitalized. Pity, she resort to making kimbap just because she was trying to ease the hunger of the team. Well, she was sorry and realized her mistake only made the students suffer more. But then, I think it was because she love them that she made that mistake, though.

The twist of the episode was when Bok Joo met Joon Hyung's older brother who is a doctor and a gentleman at the same time. She was fluttered by his nice attitude and gesture enough to make an appointment to his clinic just to see him again. Will this be a conflict Joon Hyung has to go through to confess his feelings in the coming episode? Because romance is going to be the center of the drama aside from the sport theme it contains.

Of course the cameo of Lee Jong Suk is a nice addition to the episode. He looks so fresh and delectable! Eye candy indeed! Love his smiles.

Made screen caps and I think I made a lot!😁

-mslee1107 posting-

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