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Friday, November 4, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Complicated World of Choi Soo Ah and Suh Do Woo #onthewaytotheairport

This is my second writing since taking a break, I won't go into full recap/review of already ongoing series On The Way to the Airport. I started the drama from the beginning and it immediately captured my attention. Since the beginning I know that this will be a complicated plot, a story that will show the other side of forbidden love. But since I have always stand in the moral side but not readily judging of other's mistakes, I am open to exploring the depth of this complex drama.

Episode 13 was a revelation that is actually anticipated knowing the story is coming to it's climax. Choi Soo Ah and Suh Do Woo although get the sympathy of the viewers, and I think I am also somehow rooting for them, but because they are still attached to their other half legally, I am concerned of the flow of the story. Yes they have met under different circumstances, both already having their own marital problems, but it is not an excuse to justify the growing affection they found in each other. The comfort one gives to the other is okay as long as it does not cross that forbidden line. Od course, we viewers were already shown that one particular scene where both let go of their inhibitions and worries and just flew into each other's arms kissing passionately. It was a beautiful moment, ironically for a romantic me, but at the back of my mind, I knew, it was all wrong and there was no excuse enough to justify their actions.

After that, the situations got worse regarding their individual marriages. Yes, Soo Ah's husband is a jerk, a flirt and despite being responsible financially, he likes to live a bachelor life which is seriously wrong as a married man. With Hye Won, up to this moment,  her only fault is lying about the existence of her daughter whom she abandoned and then when she appeared suddenly in her life, she concocted lies about her just so she can continue being the nice woman working with Do Woo's mother. I find her character cold and I think there are other women like her who exist in today's world. She is a workaholic and work is all that matters to her. That is her biggest flaw which for some reason I pity her because she has not enough love inside her to share with the people who loves her and matter to her. I think her happiness lies in the success of her career and Suh Do Woo was the means towards her goal.

The thing is both marriage is already suffering in different degree of problems but up until the moment Suh Do Woo and Choi Soo Ah crossed path, they were actually fine and worrying less. I don't think the events leading to the death of Annie would have made a big difference in his married life if not for the comfort he felt coming from Soo Ah. And of course Soo Ah on the other hand. I don't think she is clueless of her husband's flirting but because she is contented to just be a wife and a mother, she was actually enduring their differences on opinion when it comes to running the family or making decisions regarding her daughter.

Annie was the trigger that both party had to face and be jolted out of their own secluded and somehow comfort zone.

It was an affair of the mind...later of body..and now perhaps because the morality of the drama will be in question, Soo Ah and Do Woo appeared having an innocent forbidden love. Fate continues to make them meet, even now in Jeju where she thought she would find herself again away from Do Woo. But surprisingly, their worlds are too small for them. Isn't it just so....ridiculously destined?

So now we viewers are finding ourselves in a dilemma of whether to support the relationship they have or to be moral about it and say it is wrong. Personally, I find it wrong however you see it. They are engaging in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship while still inside a marriage. Yes, Do Woo is working on his divorce but Soo Ah is still living a lie and I have not heard a single word from the story that she is ready to be separated legally from her husband. The timing is wrong. The relationship is definitely a no no. Some viewers may justify their actions but looking afar and taking a moment, no one would want to be in the situation of both Hye Won and Jin Seok [even if they are the worst spouse] and say it is okay and that they deserve to be cheated out of their marriage. Problems occur in any marriage and not one single is perfect, but adding an illicit affair to the problem makes it even more complicated.

I pity Mi Jin actually for being the one actually receiving the bad impression of her colleagues. She was the one who got cheated on by her ex boyfriend with now her best friend Soo Ah. She quietly endured the pain and tried to move on. But of course, it's no wonder why jerks from this planet always hold a candle from many women who were burned by their love and thrown away afterwards. Perhaps Mi Jin represents the other kind of woman they often called not marriage material? That is crap! Anyway I feel for Mi Jin's frustration that she acknowledges her mistake but why should she be the only one suffering the consequences of her actions.

Soo Ah has not been really caught by the people who mattered like her husband and Hye Won but in episode 13 she was acting as if she was not doing anything wrong in regards to her phone convo with Mi Jin. I find it wrong that she was actually blaming Mi Jin for her marriage. Now that she was having an affair, she was blaming her friend why she got married in the first place and that Mi Jin has the sole responsibility in stopping her in the first place knowing what kind of man Jin Seok is. Mi Jin was right, would she have not married Jin Seok if she told about them? It is not easy to say this kind of things or information to your friend, and with Mi Jin I think she value her friendship with Soo Ah that is why she stayed silent.

Now that Do Woo heard the one sided conversation of Soo Ah and Mi Jin which actually can be easily understood knowing he is involved he could not wait a day longer to go to Seoul and start processing the divorce.

Fate intervened to make the affair revealed. Hye Won who was ready to give her husband the papers after talking to Mrs. Hong went to Jeju.

Getting caught is never a nice feeling...

The slap was actually something I am already anticipating. Did Soo Ah deserved it? Personally, yes, I think that slap was really called for. Any wife, still wife would have the right to do that to the other woman. Was Hye Won wrong just because she was a lying bitch which was what most of the viewers see her as? Even Do Woo has the heart to accept her faults and so how can I as a viewer not understand that? Hye Won is selfish and self centered, but I think unless she betrayed Do Woo in the kind of fashion Soo Ah is betraying her husband, Hye Won is still in the right position to feel aggravated and mad why her husband is hurrying the divorce.

The ending is another surprise. Well, there is a saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and Hye Won may not be after Do Woo's love anymore but she is still the legal wife. She can not wait to reveal the lies of Soo Ah to her husband perhaps, that's why Do Woo found himself facing Jin Seok outside his apartment. I am anticipating the result of this face off.

Soo Ah needs to finish her marriage first, cleanly and then consider her daughter before accepting fully Do Woo. Maybe Do Woo is the right person but would her daughter feel the same way? After all, she has her real dad. I wonder if children will always want to let their parents find happiness in another man's arms or woman for that matter. A broken family is never a  comfort to any child and unless they heal first I think that will be the only time a new person can be a part of their lives.

This is a drama that opens a lot of insights to what a married life is, what things one gives up after marriage, what make them strong in the midst of marital differences and what the children played in coping up with the imperfect life of marriage. It also showed why affairs happen along the way.

This is a story which reminds me of one of my favorite love story Falling In Love, a Robert de Niro and Meryl Streep movie. It was a painful journey to love.

I hope that whatever the ending of this drama, it will be something really worth it at the end. I think it is better to have a time jump for I am for healing and a fresh start.

This is only my personal opinion. Not hating but loving the complicated world of Do Woo and Soo Ah amidst their unacceptable affair. Just hoping for something that will make it a life's lesson to everyone.


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