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Friday, November 4, 2016

Ok Taecyeon's Fun and Awesome Fanservice as Okcat 161025 HOTTEST DAY - YAZOO SHOWCASE

Fangirling is one of my hobbies ever since I find K-pop and idols fascinating. It's not wonder I am a fan of not only one group but multiple boy group who I find connection through their music. One is 2PM and Ok Taecyeon happens to be the number one boy [well he is a man now..time flies really fast!] in the group to make me laugh and enjoy his cute and dorky side.

In a recent event showcasing the mascots representing 2PM, crowds were surprised to realized that Taecyeon was actually inside okcat, the green cat when he decided to reveal himself before taking off the stage. A very cute surprise that really made the fans squealed in delight.

Truly a master at fanservice, Ok Taecyeon. Always surprising his fans. I love this side of him although everyone on the group are all nice and accommodating to fans.

A fancam...

credit to the owner and uploader via youtube


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