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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Screen caps Episode 1 - Night Light

For now I will just be sharing some screen caps from episode 1 of the new drama Night Light. So far, the premiere episode was interesting and intriguing at the same time. Lee Yo Won is superb in her role as a wealthy, cold and smart chaebol's daughter who is currently doing business in her own way. Uee also does not disappoint in her role as a struggling young lady who will do anything for money. Then There is the lead male Jin Goo who seems to be relaxed and carefree but a loving son to his father.

I am contemplating if this drama will follow footsteps of Empire of Gold which made viewers sat on edge for it's twisting and calculating and intelligent plot. Well Lee Yo Won did justice in that drama and Night Light has the same kind of vibe. Will it be a revenge theme? I wonder?

Will have to watch episode two for me to gather some more thoughts on the drama.


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