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Thursday, December 1, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Episode 5 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I love the pacing of the story, just right for a light and fun drama that is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Viewers are enjoying the story and not feeling stressed out on what's coming. So far the conflict is mild and nothing untoward is coming between Bok Joo and her roommate who was ex girlfriend of Joon Hyung, So Hi. I like the camaraderie of the group may it be gymnastic team, weightlifting team or swimming team. Yes, there are those who think they are the leader just because they are seniors but then, life is like that when you are a student and recognizing seniority which is common and traditional in Korea.

Last week's episodes show how Bok Joo will do anything just to enroll in the program of Joon Hyung'g hyung, the doctor who is her crush. She feels girly in the doctor's presence enough to hide the fact that she is majoring in weightlifting and lying about being a cellist. ell, that's understandable for a girl who wants to impress or hide her true self if she feels not secure about herself.

In this episode, Joon Hyung accidentally caught Bok Joo pretending to be the cellist his brother was telling him when he saw her in the clinic. This became a chance to have the upper hand regarding their "friendship". Bok Joo now begs him to keep silent about her and not tell his hyung and it is making Joon Hyung enjoy teasing her or make fun of her. She strike a deal with him but he is not ready to do it just to get even with the situation.

The right occasion came when Joon Hyung did not atend the track race and rather skipped it. Bok Joo told him through the phone that she will do the contest in place of him, and that is lifting rice sacks. Her team was not happy to see her joining the contest because the weightlifting team was not allowed to. The turn of events made it for the swimming team to be number 1 in the contest and her team only came 2nd.  But while doing the rice lifting contest, Joon Hyung came running to the event place and saw her. His emotions were all over the place. He felt embarrassed perhaps that she did his task, maybe a bit annoyed that she was trying so hard, and more possibly, feeling mix emotions seeing her doing it for him. He knew it was for the deal..still, it was not what he wanted.

He tried to talk to her after and she told him that she really likes his hyung. Surprised? Really? Seriously? She does?

He was left speechless by himself. I can't tell if he was hurt knowing it was seriously real on her part. But then, maybe in the corner of his heart, just maybe, he felt something to make him speechless seeing her reaction as to why she was trying to hide the fact that she is not a cellist. She is after all just a girl, who just wanted to spend time with his hyung, not for any other reasons, just as she told him.

It was nice and kind of him to even buy her ticket to a concert as a gift. He also gave his hyung the same ticket date and made her seat next to him. It was a nice moment for Bok Joo. Something that a girl like her would treasure.

I think the awkwardness will follow through in the coming episodes. The romance will be entangled soon and it can be three way or even four way if Joon Hyung's ex girlfriend decided to get uncomfortable with Bok Joo.

For now, the drama is nice and cute. Something that viewers like me feel the anticipation for the next episode.

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