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Friday, December 2, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Episode 2 Night Light

I am still not sure where the plot of the drama will go. For now, the lead guy, Jin Goo's character is not as visible as the two female main characters. Lee se Jin and Yi Kyung [Uee and Lee Yo Won]. The two who are engaged in a sort of deal is making the story kind of intriguing. Of course, it is like some kind of powerplay for Yi Kyung, who will do anything to get what she wants and for Se Jin who will resort to doing anyting just to earn enough money to get by.

I am not sure if Yi Kyung is cold or just not revealing her human nature for fear of losing what's important in her life. She had a tough life, growing up with a father who was very strict and taught her the value of money to it's last cent. I think she drove herself to be the perfect daughter her father must have wanted but still not being able to make him believe in her capability. To be able to stand among the successful businessmen, Yi Kyung a woman who most of the times look upon as weak, is doing her best to make decisions that can be tough in her enemy's eyes.

In this kind of mental game between her and her opponent, Se Jin was caught up in between, when she agreed to be her. The Chinese who she met were also smart and was in cahoot with Song Ui Sung, resulting to her being kidnapped. She almost died if not for her courage and will to live as she ran out of the building where she was being detained. She also blew up the place when she happened to grab the gun which flew near her and gave the chance for her to get away.

Yi Kyung seemed not concerned whether she lived or died but apparently she is the kind who would finish what she started. I guess she is the responsible type, not just bossy but she never backs out of a challenge. The two women were somehow the same but at the same time different, not just because one is wealthy and the other is poor. Both have a tough nature, smart and never gives up. While Yi Kyung holds the reign, Se Jin has the ability to resist her..well up to a certain point.

I wonder how Se Jin will evolve in this story. Will she be entangled in the loveline between ex lovers' Yi Kyung and Gun Woo? I thought this is something like Empire of Gold but so far it's not.

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  1. Glad someone is watching, I am really interested in this drama, I love the subtext going on, Se Jin has an obvious hero worship mentality towards Yi Kyung for now, she already knows Yi Kyung is someone who would do anything and sacrifice others to achieve her goal, so sooner or later Se Jin is going to see that and turn on Yi Kyung. I think it will have something to do with Jin Goo, since she looks like she harbors a crush on the guy, as rich as he is and all.

    From episode 3 and 4, it looks like Yi Kyung is just cold, but those let into her circle knows she's kind as well, and never unjust.

    1. thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Actually I am taking my time to watch this drama. Although the site I am watching is very late in up;loading the episodes by a week or two, I will just rely on that site for the translations, so perhaps I will be late also in posting screen caps and some thoughts. I agree on your post about Se Jin and how she will be in between Yi Kyung and Jin Goo's character. I love this kind of drama, and the fact that two women will play some power fighting instead of the the usual men to men.