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Monday, August 7, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts) Save Me episode 2

The drama heightens the intrigue...

The writer has written a powerful story about bullying and consequences of the sufferings and pains of dealing humiliation. The drama has shown a strong message on the subject that should come across clearly to parents and children. The writer and PDnim both did an excellent job in telling viewers how far this kind of things can go and damage self esteem of a weak individual that can lead to early death which oftens finds its way as a solution to suffering kids.

Im Sang Mi has shown that she can be strong... But not strong enough to deal with a different kind of bullying which is sexual harrassment and intimidation from adults. She can withstand enough but still can keep her silence when she knows it is dangerous and not something even her parents can help her with under the circumstances. I think this is a message that should not be overlooked by parents watching this drama. That they must be vigilant and observant of their children to make them feel secure and feel protected.

Sang Mi's circumstances can be understood if he ran away from troubles and fight. I think he is more concerned for his mother than what his father would do or think if he do otherwise. I am really curious as to what happened to his mother and if it has any connection to the leader of the church.

Dong Cheol has shown thatbhe can be trusted in need. But i do wonder how far he can protect his friendship with Sang Hwa who belongs to a wealthy family and surely out of his league. Will there be feud coming between them that will concern Sang Mi.

Death often makes family stronger. How will Sang Jin's death affect the family and their faith?

Love the drama so far. Eye openner and really shows the reality of what's to happen when one can not overcome bullying. OCN really is amazing in showing good quality drama. Every aspect so far of the drama is great. Veteran actors are all jjang👍!

Can't wait for upcoming episodes.


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