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Friday, September 22, 2017

(mslee's thoughts) Man Who Sets The Table - First Thoughts

Done watching ep 1 of Man Who Sets The Table (such long title just going to type MWSTT )

Interesting initial meeting between our otp leads but not unique. I can feel the romcom theme. And one of my favorite ahjumma character is here.. The fashionista one who gave me laughs in Legendary Witch. The couple matching in this drama is an irony and a mockery of true life couples. They say one is attracted to someone who is totally an opposite of ones personality. That is on point in the drama. Well.. Kdramas usually on point when pairing couples in weekend family dramas.😂

Parents of Ruri is an example which ironically repeated by her oppa who married a woman whose common sense is somewhat off.

Marriage graduation is the new thing in kdramas. It was in Father is Strange too. And I feel it could be the next "amnesia" plot in suceeding drama.

So far episode 1 entertained me. And I see nice chemistry between the leads. Soo young fits the character. Reminded me of her other drama Spring Days of my Life which was a fave. Oh Joo Wan is nice to see playing in a romcom. He was so stiff and villanous in Punch.

Will watch eps 2&3 and will write additional thoughts. This is a 50 ep drama and will just take my time.😀


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