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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts) Save Me - Guseonwon's Dirty Secrets

Save Me drama gives the best creepy and disgusting openings yet. The distasteful thoughts of the Spiritual Father towards Sang Mi makes it awful to watch. I thought that scene would be crucial and Dong Cheol would be there to witness and rescue Sang Mi from being molested but the twist was unexpected. Sang Mi suddenly beg and told Spiritual Father that she will be a willing participant to be Spiritual Mother, buying her time for the time being. It was a nerve wracking scene and the writer must be keeping the suspense longer than what viewers can endure.
The revelation of what Guseonwon has been doing behind its believers are listing them under patients in the hospital that they are administering inside Guseonwon. When one of the believers is sick they were given instead of psycho drugs. Thus what happened to Sang Mi’s mother. Her shock towards the demise of her son did not lessen and instead of recovering she hallucinates. Other believers who are caught disobeying or running away to expose the illegal activities and crimes inside Guseonwon are being hunted until they are captured and locked away in a building at the middle of the forest inside the Guseonwon where help is zero. They are being abused physically and tortured and when they die they are not reported to the authorities but buried inside Guseonwon. These are some of the horrible truths that needs to be exposed but unfortunately the undercover reporter of MuJi news was caught by Apostle Kang. The older woman has a vicious instinct and followed the reporter one night and saw her with Muji news sunbae reporter.
Dong Cheol continue to deceive the people inside Guseonwon. He uses mobile phones that he hids inside one of the stalls inside a comfort room. Every time he uses it to relay messages to Sang Hwan I feel my heart ready to explode for fear of him being caught. So far he has been acting as naïve and ignorant and full of curiosity that even if he was in a dilemma of being suspected he could get away with his silly answers.

Outside Guseonwon Sang Hwan tries to convince the investigator to rescue his friends. Sang Hwan might be knocking on closed door but he never stops. In his small way he is trying to do his share of exposing Guseonwon. And as of the latest episode the investigator gave it a shot. What they found out was Spiritual’s past crimes together with Apostle Jo and the big man. But to arrest them seems to be harder because of insufficient documents that would incriminate them enough to detain them.
One of the character that need never to be forgiven in my opinion is Sang Mi’s father. He is the one who led his family to Guseonwon. Because of his inability to protect and to provide he was willing to hold hands with Spiritual Father and his apostle for whatever gain he and his family would receive. He made his family dependent of material things from Guseonwon. He never hears her daughter’s pleas and watch in the sidelines as the Spiritual Father took advantage of their weakness by wanting to get married with Sang Mi. It was like he sold off his daughter to the devil and he is smiling at the sidelines.oh I hate this father. He betrayed his family.

There will only be two episodes left. I wonder if all the loose ends will be tied up together. Sang hwan’s mother is trying to give message to Sang Hwan but on the brink of death? Is she being drugged as well? If Sang Hwan’s father is so deeply connected to Guseonwon then there would be a huge conflict between father and son. He knew though about his connection but how far his father had turned a blind eye to this cult is something he should be accountable for as well. 

I am looking forward to this weekend’s finale. How this story will end.


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