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Monday, September 18, 2017

(mslee's thoughts) PHOTO - IM SIWAN As Wang Won

Majestic Crowned Prince Wang Won in his final battle with the villains. 
Final 2hour episodes starting tonight.

Im Siwan has played Won showing his versatility as an actor. His screen presence have been worth watching. No one can deny how good he was in showing different emotions alternately in one scene. 

I think Won has been written with great favor from writer SJN making him the hero viewers root for. He was written as intellectually moral and sometimes calculating if needs be, soft and gentle as a man loving one woman and with very forgiving heart to a friend...
Until last episode Won has been waiting..waiting and waiting to hear the truth from people he trusted the most that is why betrayal of any kind was bitter and painful yet he is willing to let it go.

If I am right (for I have not read the book)

SJN had deviated from the Won written in the book. She put her own interpretation to the character and most viewers of Won has seen the way he was being shown vulnerable but standing strong in the midst of palace intrigues and conspiracy. He is merciful to those who acknowledged their wrongdoings. He sacrificed his opportunity to give his name and title to the woman he most loved to save a family from being separated. 

How can viewers not appreciate this Won writer SJN has created? He is charming and honest. His character truly embodies the tilte of the drama. 

Im Siwan has surely left a deep impression on viewers that will most likely last until his next project in about 2 years. 

Anticipating the ending of this drama. Will it be bittersweet as promised? Will the sad ending haunts viewers? Will it have a surprised twist like an unexpected happy ending? But whatever it will be I am sure it will linger long after the story ends.


Got inspired to write while sharing this beautiful photo of Wang Won. A spur of the moment thingšŸ˜‚

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