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Thursday, July 25, 2013

[Episode 7 & 8] Empire of Gold Review + mslee's thoughts

First I want to say that words fail me to describe how I feel watching the drama in this back to back episodes, 7 and 8. As a viewer, I know when I am watching a very good one, when even a single phrase makes me tear up and put a lump in my throat. This drama without a doubt is getting beautiful as the story continues. All scenes and dialogues are worth paying attention to. All the cast are perfect in their own respective roles. No need to make each one excel over one another. They fit perfectly together. And this is the only time when I am loving all the characters, villains or not. Because they were put in their roles for a reason.

To make it simple....the drama is pure heart. 

One of the hardest thing Seo Yoon did in episode 7 was to beg her siblings to join hands with her and entrust their company shares to her so that the company will stay within the family. But Won Jae as the eldest son wasn't giving in, instead making a truce/alliance with the other sister and her husband and join in the recapitalization. Never knowing what SY's plans were if indeed she was rejected, they put in their money but it all dissolved together with Min Jae's and Tae Joon's. The payment they did were all transferred to SungJin Cement.

In the boardroom, which is by far my most favorite scene, MinJae called out for the support of the shareholders to let Won Jae be the Chairman and him the vice chairman. He also divulged the health of the Chairman Choi Dong Sung and his incapacity to lead the company in the future. But to his surprise and to everyone's, here comes the Chairman, with his last strength, he walked inside the room and greeted everyone, even remembered the names. But Min Jae would not back down. He insisted that Chairman's memory is deteriorating. In which he was not disappointed when he was called Yong Jae. He pounced on that mistake. And this was the part where I was so proud of the Chairman, even cheering for him. Tapping the table little by little until it grew loud as he gathered more of his energy, he made the board know that he maybe unhealthy, but memorable events that happened a long time ago with his loyal servants, he still remember. One by one, he recalled those memories, making Min Jae grit his teeth in defeat. This was a scene so  powerful it made me think I was a part of the scene.

So once again, Seo Yoon wins. But in the process, the scheming step mom wasn't revealed. She stayed the sweet mom to everyone. When the Chairman got back home, he led SY to his study and told her that from that moment on, it would be hers, all the things in that table. It will be her office. A sign that she is really the successor. Won Jae lost everything. He was assigned to follow SY, his younger sister, to his dismay.

A couple of years passed and Eden Company is still trying to regain the loses. Still maintained alliance with Min Jae, Sung Jin Construction. However, SY did proposed to Tae Joon something like partnership or working for the company, but he declined. He told her he wants to be like her father. He is staying with Min Jae.

Episode 8 was when he Chairman became really ill and it will only be 3 days to live. This is the chance of the step mom to make her move. She did not allow the children to visit the hospital. Though Sung Jae, her son was alarmed by her actions, and knew the reasons, he stayed quiet but not in front of the Chairman who he calls father. He told him about his mom. The only thing that the Chairman mistakenly did was tell his wife about the shares/money in borrowed name that he wished SY will transfer in her name. This knowledge, the step mom kept to herself.

Buying the Steele company was the priority of SY to make it as a last gift to his father. But Min Jae and Tae Joon also joined in the bidding. 

Another head on for Seo Yoon and Tae Joon. Clearly, TJ won't back down. In this episode TJ brought up the subject of marriage, when Dong Sung tried to tell Seol Hee to meet up with a man. TJ did not allow it to SH surprise. He told them that someday, SH might become his wife.

Time is running out for Chairman and though he wishes to see SY, he can't. SY was clueless about his condition.The scheming step mom is guarding the hospital room until the end. Chairman knew now who he married all this time but could not complain.

In the end, Sung Jae while crying told Seo Yoon about their father.

I may be wrong but I think this will be a big blow to SY and at the same time, she might not win over TJ. All forces are against her once again and his father passing away might give her even stronger mindset but pushing away and blocking all these forces that want to crumble her would be hard.

I was wrong when I thought that this is going to be a simple struggle for power inside a family. This drama is written carefully, as true to life as it can be that is why it connects right through the heart.

-mslee1107 writing-

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