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Friday, July 26, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] SHARK - Are We in For A Sad Ending?

Two more episodes and SHARK will end. A lot has been continuously revealed in the last few episodes, all tangled and leading to the conclusion that 12 years ago, there might have been crimes that had been committed and no justice done, but the truth was it was justice after all?

I have been a follower of the drama not only for the chemistry of our lead actors Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil and the circumstances their characters are in, but because the story is a gripping one and let me want more every episode ending. The revenge part on Yi Soo made it more exciting while Hae Woo is caught in between. She is the center of this chaos between Han Yi Soo and Jo Sang Gook. The lies and betrayals would be Hae Woo's heartache, still, she could not do anything about them. Another new thing for me as a viewer is that the sanctity of marriage is being compromised in the story, a new taste for me as a K-drama lover.

A marriage that is pure, a husband who is kind and innocent, yet the wife is still in love with her first love, Yi Soo. Where does the story ends? There is no closure from the first romance, that's why marriage is deemed to fall apart. How can Hae Woo stay besides Joon Young when trust is becoming the issue and she has been found out by him? Maybe he can ignore the reality just to make the marriage work but Hae Woo is so busy being there for Yi Soo.

As for Yi Soo's part, he is a man who fell in love 12 years ago. A man who never moved forward because of revenge. Not moving forward means all about the past stayed inside his heart, Hae Woo along with it. But then, I can say that in this tangled drama, he is not the one pursuing Hae Woo. He had forgotten sometimes that she is another man's wife when he kissed her, embraced her and longed for her, but those circumstances were of Hae Woo's creations. She is always outside his door, waiting. Always in constant communication with him through phone.

Where does this story ends?

As a viewer, I don't think the marriage will hold longer. It's impossible when one's heart is not fully committed. For Jo Sang Gook's identity theft, it should be revealed to achieve the balance Yi Soo is looking for. For a son, Kim Soo Hyun, whose father was tortured by Yi Soo's dad, will he take the path of revenge and betray his friend? Then his blooming relationship with Yi Hyun will then suffer and like a cycle, it will only repeat the story of Yi Soo and Hae Woo.

Yi Soo is devastated learning about the dark past of his father.

 But though it is hurting him so much, if I want to achieve a just ending, all he has to do is turned Jo Sang Gook in and let society and history condemned the old man for his grave mistakes. 

That's the only time Yi Soo would find peace within. 

If I want him to have a happy ending...

But I don't know where the writer would lead me.  A time jump perhaps? To heal all the wounds?
I am okay with that. Then again, I am not the writer. I am a viewer hoping for justice and a peaceful ending. For whatever it will be, I'll say, I am looking forward to that conclusion.

-it's mslee1107 writing-

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