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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 5 MHIYD - Choosing Destiny

How do I describe this episode? Changing destiny at your own choice is I think apt for this episode. But of course, the ahjumma's meddling are taking effect and affecting the lives of this present times. Blurting out her knowledge of Kim Shin's future in the Morning Show became an opportunity to Miranda and viewers were shocked and voiced their own opinions. 

However, KS did not let the criticism and what the future holds put him in a discouraged way. Although he mulled over about it, it only made him think of better solutions to his upcoming troubles. I think the ahjumma's interfering will make him aware of what he must do to right his future.

It's interesting how Na MI Rae was upset of what is happening to KS. When both KS and Se Joo called her to meet her, one in the east gate the other in the west gate, she was confused on who will she meet. The ahjumma left her to decide. She went to meet SJ but only to say goodbye. She boarded the bus. Alone. When KS kept calling her on the phone she made an arrangement to meet him on Monday. She realized she will just meet the two of them and let her choose which one she likes.

While I find SJ and MR cute when together, I have a feeling she was already attracted deeply to KS. When SJ and MR met, again the "water" factor was present. It was raining, so they MR urged him to go to his place and just watch a movie he filmed. He hesitated at first knowing his place is at the YBS building and in his grandmom's house. Either place is not an option. He called his secretary arranging an empty shabby place in town. There he brought MR oblivious to her that it was also the first time he stepped on that house. They enjoyed an quiet day watching. Even though there was a tension on SJ part, MR was surely not affected. Her mind was either on the film or elsewhere and definitely not on SJ. They parted after. SJ was expecting another date but MR did not really gave concrete date, which to me looked as if she really is not interested. Maybe she is just following her mind.

Meanwhile, Yoo Kyung is filming an outdoor shot for her show and her director kept on urging her to be sexy or exudes sexiness in front of the camera. She was too nice to tell him to go to hell, but rather being cooperative. Perhaps she wants to do her job efficiently and the way to do it is not to piss off the writer/director and just gave in to what is expected or required of her. I like her as a person, vulnerable and cheerful. I just hope she finds courage to stand up and be vocal against harassment because I find her situation being harassed or discriminated just because she is a woman in man's world. In her case, the only woman in her team.

She finds herself seeking the bar where she met SJ. She ordered the same drinks and waited. She was almost in the brink of calling him, but pride stopped her from doing so. Again, I like that side of her. Even though she really likes him, she won't do anything first. But fate is good, he arrived just as she was about to leave, but she sat down again and pretended not to noticed. When she looked his way, she was surprised. I think she acted cute there. But of course, SJ just came from meeting MR and his head is full of MR so he talked about her, which somehow discouraged or put disappointment on her expecting face.

After her meet with SJ, MR got another call from KS to meet him. They played basketball. [which reminds me Coffee Prince for awhile] It's not a romantic date but why do I find myself grinning here while watching? I even felt a thump in my heart seeing how MR is enjoying the moment with KS. When he lost to her he bought her a drink and shared a meal. He told her he was leaving. Clearly, MR was unhappy at the thought. He was being transferred to the province, not to NY where ahjumma first told Miranda.

Next morning at the studio, everyone was shocked when Miranda told the team the show will have two weeks notice and then it is being cancelled. The fight KS did to protect the group from being fired last week became fruitless. The ahjumma felt what she had done to KS. Seemed that she is letting him fail this early, so she talked to him and advise him to beg Miranda. But KS had enough and I think whatever he decides from that moment on will have impact on his future.

Going to the supermarket, ahjumma was surrounded by people who had watched the show and her predictions and of course, it did not make her happy knowing KS is being bashed by what she shared. At that moment, she met with KS, phone MR to go with her brother on the highest place in the neighborhood while thunder and rain poured. It was the night ahjumma told Miranda that she should watched from her window. 

I think the fate of KS and MR will again changed. Of course, it already happened in ahjumma's past, but in this present time for MR, it is happening. The tower  [okay, not sure if it was YBS] just broke and toppled over.

edit: it's not YBS tower. Namsan tower.

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