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Thursday, October 31, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Secret Episode 11 Review and Screen caps

Another intense episode concocted by the brilliant writer. The episode where YJ finally see beyond DH angelic face. The beginning of her "revenge".

For someone who gave her life for a man, trust is only one those feelings but weighs, I think more than love. How can someone love when trust becomes an issue. The painful part, YJ has been blinded by love and trust for a long time now that when she saw betrayal, she felt her gut ripping apart.  Even if she cried out with all her heart, the past will remain in the past and San and her father won't come back. She found herself banging her head on the wall. That's how MH found her. All he could do was console her. That moment was pure agony on her part and MH was at a loss for words. His tight embrace somehow brought comfort to her pains.

Meanwhile, DH found solace in SY. As I said before, DH is in conflict with his own emotions. He knows what is right from wrong, but keeps on choosing the path of self preservation, greediness that ultimately will lead to destruction. His guilt is too heavy to carry inside but he can't do anything about it. His tears were tears of frustrations and self agony. Yes, he is in agony dealing with his secrets. 

In wanting to face up to the truth, YJ forced DH to see her and talked to her. In their heated conversation, she realized how DH felt. That he regretted everything including her presence in his life up to that moment. It was like a slap to her face. I was somehow glad she gets to slap [for real and with all her energy] his face twice! For that alone, and I know it is still not enough, but in that moment, she needed to express her anger. DH was so brutal. 

When YJ asked MH to let her by his side I know it's the start of another chapter for her. Her goal is to make DH regret, maybe fear, and get her revenge all in one. Perhaps even sincere apology. I know it is too lame to receive apology after what he did to her, but sometimes, that's all it takes to ease the pains. But DH turned to be the cold and unfeeling person.

I know MH was intrigued of the way the tables are now turned. YJ who was always protecting DH is now his enemy. He is interested to know what happened in between. And while in the midst of problems that came up in the company, his knowledge of his father's surgery though the papers, his mixed feelings for YJ is all in the center. Even SY petty jealousy and bitter sarcasms won't let him take her side. Which only fueled SY spiteful tongue towards YJ.

If only SY will use her mind and hear her heart, she won't turn hateful. Both SY and DH started out good but both are becoming cruel as fate lead them.

This story is building up tension between the four characters. With 5 more episodes, the fights will be both gripping and fascinating at the same time.

I want closure for everyone else in the story. To make it forward and live again.

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