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Friday, November 1, 2013

[mslee's thoughts]HEIRS Episode 8 - A Short Review

Tan confessing his feelings. If during in LA he asked if he likes her, now, he is more sure of what he is feeling towards her. I know it's getting harder and harder each day for Eun Sang to fight her emotions but she is doing her best to control what's inside her. She cried born out of frustrations and Tan hugging her was enough to convey he is there and won't disappear. I suppose this is really the start of Tan's courage to protect her no matter what. 

There are many problems ahead but Tan is ready to face them. 

And hoping Young Do's growing attraction for Eun Sang will not make Eun Sang fear loving Tan just to protect him. But of course, she is still not gaining that much needed courage to face Young Do and tell him what she thinks of him. 

The story is still slow and although I am loving the scenes of Tan and Eun Sang, something is still missing. That crazy romantic feelings a viewer like me should feel in moments like this. Or maybe I am an unni so teenage romance is not my cup of tea anymore? I don't think so.

They should build more tension for these two. Or perhaps Eun Sang's reluctance is making the atmosphere less intense.

Another couple that I want to see conquering their conflicts are Won and the tutor. They look good together and I think finding love form her will make him less cold towards Tan.

Well, the animosity just turned a notch between Tan and Young Do. Now that Tan is not caring what people thought of him and Eun Sang, he is making everyone see his claim towards her.

Tan is really proving himself in front of Eun Sang regarding his intentions. The ending did not disappoint me. The kiss happened. And hoping Eun Sang will finally accept him.

Two souls who have something to prove for themselves. I hope they take each other's hand as they conquered each fears.

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