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Saturday, May 31, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Big Man Episode 10 - Dong Suk Filed For Bankruptcy, Not Giving In to Ji Hyuk

Episode 10 is about selling Hyun Sung. Ji Hyuk appeared in front of Dong Suk and Mi Ra. Caught off guard, Dong Suk maintained his cool and even though annoyed at how Ji Hyuk is facing him across the table he controlled his anger. Mi Ra was as always speechless but somehow relieved that Ji Hyuk is unharmed.

President Cho soon joined the party and Dong Suk now realized that Ji Hyuk is working with Cho. As much as he wanted badly to sell the company, now that Ji Hyuk is in the picture, he needed to rethink about his plans. He only promised Cho he will think about the offer they made which is low from what Dong Suk expected. He plans on convincing Myung Ho,  to buy Hyun Sung instead.

Dong Suk has always been devious. And Ji Hyuk appears to be someone who irritates him. After all the attempts to dispose Ji Hyuk, he always managed to get away. He is sick and tired of Ji Hyuk standing on his path. Then there is Mi Ra who wavered because of Ji Hyuk. His jealousy is becoming intense. Ji Hyuk is not even on his level to compete with but here he is, in that position and it leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

He confronted Sang Ho. Sang Ho lied about knowing Ji Hyuk is still alive and in Seoul. He phoned the gang who was in charge of  Ji Hyuk and gave them another try. But President Cho already anticipated this move on Dong Suk's part and with his own group of notorious gang, watched Ji Hyuk's back. They rounded up Sang Ho's group and they called Sang Ho to say they won't harm Ji Hyuk anymore.

In order to buy Hyun Sung with the amount only offered by President Cho to Dong Suk, Ji Hyuk and Manager Gu needed to find out some secrets of the company that could lead to an investigation from the government. A way to make it known to Dong Suk that it's either they want to be implicated in collusion or they sell.

I googled the term to understand the word.

where two persons (or business entities through their officers or other employees) enter into a deceitful agreement, usually secret, to defraud and/or gain an unfair advantage over a third party, competitors, consumers or those with whom they are negotiating. Collusion can include secret price or wage fixing, secret rebates, or pretending to be independent of each other when actually conspiring together for their joint ends. 

Ji Hyuk and Manager Gu spied on the outside of the company to know who is doing it for the company and meeting other companies. They followed the one who used to be Manager Gu's subordinate, [Manager Choi] but was now promoted. They wiretapped the conversations but when they showed it to President Cho they were told it can not be used because wire tapping is illegal. They have to convince someone to make a confession. Both tried to talk to Manager Choi but he declined. He and his family will go on vacation. He does not want to betray the company.

They were anxious because the deadline for the negotiations and meeting between Dong Suk and President Cho is near and they have not yet got hold of something that will make Dong Suk take the suggested offer. Without knowing, Dong Suk is really not going to sell the company to President Cho. If Ji Hyuk is not in the picture perhaps he will. But just to spite Ji Hyuk, just to make him loose again in their game of war, he won't give Ji Hyuk the satisfaction of winning over him. He accepted Myung Ho's offer. Myung Ho has no idea about the company and it's possible bankruptcy. 

Mi Ra is the last resort for Manager Gu and Ji Hyuk. She helped get for them files of Manager Choi in Sang Ho's computer. Not only Sang Ho's files were there, she also saw hers. While printing the files, someone called Sang Ho alerting him of someone hacking on his computer. He hurriedly went to his office but Mi Ra already went out. She rode the elevator while Sang Ho looked for her. They run into each other at the lobby but before he could asked her or get the files, Dong Suk appeared and he told Sang Hop they will be going somewhere. Sang Ho was left speechless, not able to tell his boss about Mi Ra's doings.

The two went to fit a wedding dress. Although Mi Ra shows surprise and reluctance, she still goes along with the fitting. The first wedding dress looks good on her but Dong Suk asked her to try another collection. About the same time, she knew Manager Gu and Ji Hyuk are waiting for her, she answered a phone call from Manager Gu asking her to hurry. Manager Choi and his family is already at the airport. I a short time she managed to run to the meeting place with Manager Gu in a wedding dress and back at the studio in no time. But her absence cost Dong Suk to worry and restless while waiting for her to appear again in front of him. Not knowing she had gone and back, the door was opened to reveal her in another wedding gown. He inspected her and almost liked what he saw when he noticed  dirt stains on the lower part of the gown. he made no reference about it.

At last, Manager Cho was convinced to testify if needed. Dong Suk and Myung Ho is in the middle of signing the sale of the company when Dong Suk received a call from President Cho. He let him know about collusion and asked if his offer is okay. Dong Suk in his anger ripped the documents in front of him as Myung Ho looked on. The deal just went sour.

Ji Hyuk promised the market people that he will get Hyun Sung back. I think this is too early to make them hope again for something that is not yet a done deal. I just hope he will be forgiven again or that he can do something for this people.

It could have been a win for Ji Hyuk. Hyun Sung will soon be in his hands. But then Dong Suk  as I said is not someone who will let Ji Hyuk win. With deviousness he appeared at the meeting place in front of President Cho and Ji Hyuk dropping a bomb of information. He just applied for Chapter 11.

A friend from soompi [snowflakesj16] explained to me that it refers to applying for bankruptcy. I googled for more precise meaning and this is what I got.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a business to reorganize and refinance to be able to prevent final insolvency. Often there is no trustee, but a "debtor in possession," and considerable time to present a plan of reorganization. The final plan often requires creditors to take only a small percentage of the debts owed them or to take payment over a long period of time. 

I am not sure if the company can be sold now that Dong Suk just declared bankruptcy. But in doing so, he has dragged the entire workers with him to fall down. If he had just agreed to sell, the company will have a chance to be stable, workers can be compensated as well and not loose jobs. But this is his way of showing Ji Hyuk he would never allow like him to take something from him. 

The problem in President Cho's part is that he liquidated some of his assets just to buy Hyun Sung, in doing so he lost profits and perhaps in haste to sell off he only got lower price. 

I am not sure what will happen here. Will Dong Suk still be in charge of the company or will he let go after all. What will President Cho do? What will be their next move?

Then there is also Mi Ra who certainly betrayed Dong Suk in favor of Ji Hyuk. Will she be punished for what she has done? By now, she should be on full control of her feelings and know who she wants to protect. She keeps on helping Ji Hyuk and betraying Dong Suk but she continues to goes along Dong Suk's plans of marriage. She has been warned by his mother. She knew she does not belong to their level. But she is still not stepping back. Her own mother is letting her decide. The most important reason is that she will be happy with her choice.

Dong Suk's mother has plans of her own. She will give her consent even though Sung Wook is against the marriage. She needs her son to be stable and hope that time will find Mi Ra boring. They pan on discarding her in the near future.

Mi Ra has remained passive all through out. Passive in terms of her own feelings. Maybe she feels a sense of loyalty to Dong Suk who gave her a second glance and dated her for so many years. maybe it started with the flying toy she hold back then when Dong Suk entrusted her with it. Maybe because they go a long way back since childhood when her father used to be their family chauffeur.

The affection towards Jin Ah in this episode is growing in Ji Hyuk's part. It could be a sisterly affection but still something that Jin Ah feels happy about. She still stays at his place, even buying the apartment.  The good thing about this arrangement is that Ji Hyuk is clear on who are the ones who did him harm. Jin Ah belongs to that family but he treats her well because she is risking her life being with him. Not his fault but seeing that she likes him not because of something great about him is something that can easily move his heart. His heart maybe fluttering for Mi Ra but for now he is trying not to think about it. besides, Mi Ra is not moving away from Dong Suk. If there is someone who will make a choice, I think it should be Mi Ra. Ji Hyuk is already waiting in his place. Mi Ra should be the one walking towards him. But I can't guarantee the outcome. Because while Jin Ah is by Ji Hyuk's side, all possibilities can happen.

Big Man is getting intense between Dong Suk and Ji Hyuk. I am still waiting for a good chance of a win for Ji Hyuk. A win that will make Dong Suk fall flat on his arrogant face. A win that will show them power is useless when it is against pure intentions. 

And family means more than anything to Ji Hyuk. 


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