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Thursday, May 29, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Big Man Episode 9 Screen caps - Review

Episode 9

The drama is unfolding nicely. Weak needs to be strong to find justice. The only thing to get revenge is to stand up and fight.... there is no other way.

Where is Ji Hyuk? Everybody seems to be wanting to know his whereabouts. The ahjussis and ahjummas from the market are suddenly left hanging after they helped Ji Hyuk convince them to let a giant mall built in the vicinity. They have been promised that their business will go on smoothly as I remembered Ji Hyuk will try to let their products be sold inside the mall.

But all these promises came to nothing after Dong Suk returns to his position as President. The people are enraged of what happened to the deal. Dong Suk just look at them as they bombarded questions and complaints to one of the staff but he is not facing the people. Such cowardice on Dong Suk's part to let his subordinate deal with the angry crowd.

Dong Suk just assumed his positions without any thought of who might get hurt with his casual decisions. Unlike Ji Hyuk whose concern for his neighbors comes first. They have no idea what just happened to Ji Hyuk. That he was treated like dirt and thrown into the sea with a stab wound.

Where is Ji Hyuk?

The twist of the story in this episode surprised me. After a couple of days, he was found in a hospital, not at the airport going to US like Jin Ah anticipated. Ji Hyuk was a broken man. Scared and hurt of what happened to him. The betrayal of Kang family was too much for someone like him who has no means to get even. He is a trash. And they stepped on his self esteem, destroying it.

His friend found him, like a wounded animal in a corner of the hospital room. Frightened. Bruised. Not wanting to get his strength back. His friend cried while urging him to stand up, to eat and to take revenge. But he stayed that way. The only thing that made him move was when he heard about one of the ahjussi killing himself in frustration. People blamed Ji Hyuk for the bad things that are happening to them. The stores were closed. He found out his "mother" let go of the restaurant in exchange for some cash and divided it to all the store owners. She does not want them to blame Ji Hyuk.

While all these are happening, Jin Ah became anxious of Ji Hyuk. He has not arrived in the US. The man who went in his place is not Ji Hyuk. She is trying to find him, calling someone to locate him, not caring if there are visitors in the house who will soon to be her in laws. She does not care. In the end she tell Myung Ho to find another girl to marry.

The family is disappointed and irritated with her growing concern to find Ji Hyuk. But Jin Ah has a string personality they could never win over. She is not afraid to be kicked out of the house. And she did leave on her own accord. She went to Ji Hyuk's apartment. She found him. She stayed whether he wants her to or not. She invaded his privacy and slept on his bed.

So Mi Ra just looked on as Jin Ah went to Ji Hyuk. Mi Ra is weak. She feels something more towards Ji Hyuk than Dong Suk now but she is not leaving Dong Suk's side. She has known that he is lying to her about Ji Hyuk, she knew how they treated Ji Hyuk, still she is powerless to stay away. I was sad for her when during the family of Dong Suk was having guest at the house, Myung Ho's parents, she was there but not included as family. She was like a secretary, an assistant, overlooking the whole ordeal. She is an outsider. Dong Suk was not even introducing her to the family as his girlfriend. How come she wants to stay by him?

Manager Gu was surprised when there was a reshuffle in the management team. His subordinate was promoted while he was not. In the end he chose to give his resignation, resigning to the fact that Dong Suk is someone who will work for his own satisfaction rather than be a supporting President to each and everyone on the company. He had the guts to say it in Dong Suk's face. How Ji Hyuk and him are different.

Ji Hyuk went to see Manager Gu and asked help. At first Manager Gu has no idea, not even caring anymore. He knew how Ji Hyuk feels towards the family. He wanted revenge but he needs resources to win. He wants to take back Hyun Sung Distribution. There is one solution. The fearsome gangster like man, President Cho who has been eyeing Hyun Sung Distribution for some time now. But he is one scary person.

Ji Hyuk met with President Cho. He is ready to put his life on the line for him. A deal that will benefit them together. President tested his loyalty and his capability. Passing the test, he will now work for him. First stop was attending the meeting with Dong Suk and Mi Ra. Dong Suk is planning on selling the company to President Cho. He was surprised to see Ji Hyuk sitting down in front of him.

"I'm back!"
Ji Hyuk stated.

The episode is a start of a brewing revenge. Will Ji Hyuk make it? Will he be able to get even with Dong Suk? How will Jin Ah play in the conflict between her family and Ji Hyuk? Will she really be able to protect him? Her rebellious stunts, spontaneous decisions will put his family in either mode. Come and get her no matter what and put Ji Hyuk in more danger. Or...family will have to back down in case Jin Ah threaten to harm herself if they make a move.

For now, I see Jin Ah in Ji Huk's side as a good shield from her devious family. She can make them stop if she really wants to. Her spunk is more useful to someone like Ji Hyuk than Mi Ra's weak and not confident nature. Mi Ra, for now will only make Ji Hyuk want to protect her which will be a hindrance to his agenda. He needs a stable mind, strong heart to do what he has to do. Jin Ah will provide that for him. Mi Ra as of now, can't.

I hope I am right. A time to start crushing the family should be now.


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