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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Red Haired Jung So Min as Kang Jin Ah in Big Man

This is  my 4th drama of Jung So Min and I think though this is not a lead role for her, she is pulling her character with great ease, making Jin Ah stand out in the drama. The character calls for a spoiled daughter from a wealthy family. Typical role but as Jin Ah she has a spunk that makes the role very interesting. 

If I had not known that Lee Da Hee's role as So Mi Ra is not the lead character, I will have to root for this cute and beautiful Jin Ah to be with Kang Ji Hwan's character as Kim Ji Hyuk As brother and sister, they look cute together, like Tom and Jerry, but of course it is not the real story. I think they have an amazing chemistry and I won't complain if the story will go as far as letting the love story center on them both, even for a short time. I know it will bring heart break but so long I see how it could be between them, I think the viewer in me will be satisfied.

Jung So Min has always been one of my favorite actress and she has her own style. She has a refreshing personality that she brings along in her every character. Her red hair is very becoming and looks fantastic on her.

With Choi Daniel as her brother Kang Dong Suk.

screen caps by mslee1107


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