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Monday, December 29, 2014

[Updating] #JjongAh Couple Shared A Kiss @MBC Entertainment Awards 2014 ?! Media Photos and Screen caps

I think I fainted twice seeing these photos!!! Where am I and what am I doing not streaming earlier? The best couple I am shipping now!
Who would have thought Jong will make this suave move tonight?:)) And I am grinning from ear to ear and I think it may stay this way for a long while!

Did they kiss or not? I don't care if it looked like a kiss! Maybe not, maybe their lips touched. Whatever! These captures make me happy.

I have been updating photos and screen caps. More below...

Thanks to media for capturing these amazing moments! Very sweet and romantic!

And they just looked on! hahahaha

hope to add more... still streaming but my net is lagging..hahaha

Made some screen caps...

by mslee1107

I love the skinships they have tonight!

JjongAh couple have come this far and looks like moving forward lots are in store for shippers!

The exchanged looks, the smiles, the comfortable touching...:))

more screen caps

When Yura won...

A very satisfying night for all shippers. As they both smile, we smile and grin.


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