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Sunday, December 28, 2014

WGM - #JjongAh Couple Cut Ep 30 Bali Trip Screen caps Batch 2

This Bali trip will definitely leave a mark or beautiful memories for these two lovely persons. What they did certainly made them closer as friends if not as a true couple yet. The wonderful part of this trip is that finally Jong Hyun had shed off his reservations, opened up and let Ah Young and the viewers see his playfulness.

I think his true personality is being shown here finally. And of course, for the first time Jong Hyun stepped up and claimed his territory when the instructor called Ah Young "Chakiya" or baby [an endearment]. Jong Hyun clearly said NO as he walked towards the instructor and clasped his hand showing sportsmanship. I like that finally, he showed that he can be territorial or jealous of other men calling Yura in that way. Aw..cute Jong!

then of course the water rendezvous continue. He and Ah Young played more as he again tried to dunk her in, bodies clasped together. Jong Hyun is getting bolder.:))

Love it when Ah Young put on her big hat over his head and he let her. He looks handsome and manly despite the hat. Indulging his wife never been this cute before. More cute moments below.


Some animated captures

Batch 2 Screen caps

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