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Sunday, December 28, 2014

WGM - #JjongAh Couple Cut Ep 30 Screen caps Batch 1

The Pool Scene

The Bali trip of the couple continues. The pool scene is where all the spazz worthy moments for all JjongAh shippers. I can even imagine how I was not alone in grinning and feeling the excitement all the while as I watched Jong Hyun became the playful husband to his wife Ah Young. The subtle flirting continues between these two shy couple. I like the concept for JjongAh. The show is about newly married couples but for JjongAh, they are showing the getting to know stage in a relationship and they are like girlfriend and boyfriend instead of newly married ones. The pace of their relationship seems slow but surprisingly, the level of being comfortable with one another and the skinship between them are getting getting higher. 

The pool scenes for these two are where most skinships happened even before when they went on their first trip. They are most comfortable in water. The inhibitions fly away and they become playful with each other, especially Jong Hyun whose reserve personality can not be seen as he played naive Yura/Ah Young as he cheated on her or when he grabbed her waist and suddenly dunked her in the waters. No hesitation on his part but the moment just presented itself.

I think given the chance, Jong Hyun can be as playful as Ah Young in any given scenario but he can't be forced to do skinships with her when they are just together like walking or sitting together. The moment has to be perfect and has to ask for him to make the move when his mind is so into the moment forgetting the rolling cameras.

One of the intimate scenes where Jong Hyun kept his cool or rather showed his amazing control was when Ah Young was splashing lotions on her gorgeous legs in the bedroom. He was looking on and on got to slosh some more on her legs as he watched her spread the lotion on her legs. But then he gave in to lathering her arms with lotion. Guess that's good enough considering putting and spreading lotion on her legs in front of national TV can be looked on as too intimate for pretend couples like them. 

Just made some animated captures....

Batch 1 screen caps

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